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We Created a 'Him'

By Tamar Yonah
2/8/2012, 3:02 PM

The Welfare State.  I remember my mother telling me that for an assignment in her college class, she was supposed to go to the welfare office in Chicago and watch what happened there, and then to record it.  What my mother saw astounded her.  She would see 3 generations of family coming in to collect their welfare check.  The (young-before her time) grandmother, the (too young to be a mother) mother, and her little kids tagging along who took their - what looked to be 'usual' places, sitting on the floor and playing games that they brought.  These kids were tacitly being taught that their future too, would be the 'norm' where they would come with their mothers and collect their checks as well one day.

Watch this video clip from a Judge Judy show, it makes you shake your head and cry.  This is who we created.

If you can't see this video below, then click here: