Tolerance: When to use it, When to shove it!

Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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A curfew for youth?  What is the world coming to?  The world has already 'arrived' and it is not at a good station.

With all of our brainwashing of letting our kids 'find themselves'.  With all of our brainwashing that if a person is from a 'minority' we cannot protest their evil - or WE are the intolerant ones.  With all of those out there who say that our parents are old fashioned and friends are better than our 'old folks', I say, enough! Society today is getting rotten to the core with its lack of values and immoral behavior.

Good manners, personal hygiene, respect, and a good education will take one far. Society needs to take a turn towards decency.  While I don't always like governments telling people what to do in their private lives, this mayor of Philadelphia is right in TEMPORARILY enforcing a curfew on it's city's youth to stop the flash mobs and fight crime and violence.  What is a 13 year old doing downtown on the streets anyway after 9pm at night? 

Though it's not easy to reign in kids, especially in this generation, I am rooting for Mayor Michael Nutter.  As he says, SENSE cannot live in the same town as NONSENSE.

Watch this great speech and share your own thoughts.  For me, I say, "How refreshing!"

Also, here in Israel, the religious/secular divide is getting ugly.  Tolerance and respect are needed on BOTH sides.  We don't live in an ivory tower, we live in the State of Israel, good or bad, easy or hard, to our liking or not to someone's liking.  Therefore we need mutual respect between people, between brothers and sisters.  We don't have to think alike, but everyone deserves some respect.

If a secular or other person gets on a bus that is provided by Egged as a Mehadrin bus, which is special there to serve the Haredi public, people who get on THAT bus should respect the customs of that public which it serves.  If a Haredi person rides a public egged bus, they should be tolerant as well, as they are living in a country with different religious observance levels.  An adult knows how to control and divert their eyes.  If they do not want to have a woman sitting next to them where they may be in physical contact, especially when one of our Israeli bus drivers turn a corner at 80 miles an hour (grin), then 'Dan, the Guy who works with Leftists' who joins me every sunday on my show, offers his suggestions on how to avoid any situations that could involve touching someone of the opposite sex.  Enjoy!

Many religious men have the problem of what to do when a woman sits next to them.
A few solutions to prevent this situation.

1) The inflatable mechitzah (TM).  Pull the tag, and it inflates to full size to separate you from the woman 
sitting next to you.

2) The NY subway approach:  
People who are afraid of being harrassed on the NY subway talk to themselves out loud,
so others will think they are missing a few marbles and will stay away.

3) 10 raw cloves of garlic for breakfast.

4) Wear a fake beard, wires coming out of your briefcase, and mumble on the phone in Arabic.

Of course, the simplest solution is to sit next to another man.