G-d Went Into Gaza

Tamar Yonah ,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Tamar Yonah
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'Miracles in Gaza' is the name of this very inspiring video.  Like an onion, there are layers and layers one can peel to see different aspects of Israel.  Right now, Israel just finished celebrating the miraculous and joyful holiday of Chanukah, and school has started back as of today.  The news is rife with a group of violent Haredi extremists called the Sikrikim. We need more rain in Israel.  The Arab Spring is turning into a winter.   And in international news, Iran is still a major worry to Israel and the West.  Peel away all the brown paper lining of the onion, and one remembers that G-d put the Jewish people here in Israel for a purpose, and He promises us that He will be with us if we keep the Torah.  It's a miracle, that we in Israel can live, go to school, shop in malls, celebrate birthdays and weddings, barbecue in our yards, learn at universities, travel on vacation, and pursue our hobbies and interests, when we are surrounded by hundreds of millions of Jew-hating Islamists who want to slit our throats and throw us into the sea.  It's a miracle that we are alive here, and even more of a miracle that we survive so WELL here with a special quality of life, despite the glassy-eyed, salivating, rag heads out there with sharpened knives that surround us.

While we have a lot we can worry or complain about, we have a lot we need to be grateful for too. We need to remember how blessed we are, and that living in this tough neighborhood of the Middle East, that G-d is still with us.  We just need to look for Him. -And sometimes we can't help but see Him and His handiwork.

Now, watch this inspiring video, of how G-d accompanied our soldiers into battle.  I don't think I got teary-eyed because my own son is now in the paratroopers.  I got teary-eyed because I too can get distracted by all the 'buzz' of the news, the kvetching, the arguments, etc... and forget to see the bigger picture.  You decide for yourself where you choose to stand, and what you choose to perceive when you look at life in Israel.  But always remember, G-d is with you where you let Him be, where you make space for Him.  He will even go into battle with our sons in Gaza.  

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