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Tamar Interviews Rival Blogger Fishman ! That's right,

By Tamar Yonah
11/24/2011, 10:11 PM

Tamar Interviews Rival Blogger Fishman !

That's right, hear all about it.  I had to grit my teeth and do it, I had to humble myself and take an anti-nausea pill to put on my number 1 blogger rival, Tzvi Fishman, the man many of us love to hate!  
Throughout the years, I have only been in email contact with Tzvi here and there, I don't remember ever having spoken with him though.  And from reading some of his blogs, I expected someone completely different than how he sounded.  

Listen to the interview yourself and decide, as he speaks about his life in Hollywood, and then how he came to Israel and Torah observance.  He then speaks about his books, and his Jewish Sexuality website.  SSSSHHHHHH!!!!!   I dare you to go there.  Whatever you do, DON'T click HERE.  I warned you!

When I speak about Tzvi's blog being number 1, and mine probably number 2 on the site, I am actually happy.  Because being number 2 means I always have fun having someone to compete with.  Being at the top means you can only go DOWN, DOWN, DOWN.  Poor, poor Tzvi.  - Or is that what I just tell myself to make my pathetic self feel better?  heh heh

Tzvi Fishman # 1 'Then',                              .....and 'Now':   Tzvi Fishman STILL # 1  ....Drat!!!!!  I'll beat him one day.

       Tzvi Fishman

Anyway, if you ever wanted to know what Fishman sounds like, I think you will be surprised.  He doesn't sound like what he writes.  ...Or is it just my imagination?

Click below to hear the show.... move the slider up to part 4 towards the end of the program.

Leave your comments below, and make me NUMBER 1 blogger!!!!!  Please?  Pretty please?  With sugar on top????  Aw, c'mon!!!!!  This isn't funny anymore.  Leave your comments!  <sniff sniff>  Yah, I am right, I'm pathetic.