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Fool The People: Coming to a Theater Near You!

By Tamar Yonah
11/4/2011, 8:11 AM

You can't always believe what you see.

Fools, we're all fools.  And that is what they depend on, and play on.

I imagine you have seen these 'Pallywood' films before, but this 12 second clip below is funny!

And this one really deserves an acadamy award...  This so called Israeli soldier who kicks the kid looks more like a 'Mahmood' dressing up like a 'Moshe' in the IDF...

I mean, the actor should have at least shaved his mustache.  Israelis (unless you are an old Kibbutz member) usually don't go around with a mustache.  I'm disapointed in the Arab who produced this propaganda piece for lack of good research.  tsk tsk

Well, it's all at a theater near you.  But I wouldn't pay for a ticket.