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And the Winner is... Moses Brown from Dimona!

By Tzvi Fishman
10/3/2011, 5:10 PM

Believe it or not, visitor number 1,000,000 to our blog “Hollywood to the Holy Land” was none other than everyone’s favorite talkbacker, Moses Brown from Dimona.

Congratulations, Moses! You have won a non-autographed copy of probably the world’s greatest novel, “Tevye in the Promised Land.” Please choose between the large format, paperback edition, or the just-released Kindle edition.

For all readers who have been following this blog, you too can have the pleasure of reading this award-winning classic of true Jewish literature, which is obtainable at Amazon Books, including the new, low-priced Kindle version.

While I thank Hashem for the success of this blog, and feel very grateful for having the opportunity to spread the wonderful truths of our Torah, I am even prouder in having had the honor of writing “Tevye in the Promised Land.” A blog is a blog, but “Tevye” is a work of art. You can put a message across in a blog, but no blog can compare with the depth, poignancy, drama, and emotional power of a novel.

Rabbi Kook writes that preceding the Redemption of Israel, Jewish writers will do t’shuva, paving the way for the nation to follow: “Literature will be sanctified; the writers too will become holy. The world will be elevated to realize the great and subtle power of literature – the uplifting of the spiritual foundation of the world with all of its prowess… Every writer will not dip his pen without first sanctifying his thoughts before each creation, thoughts of t’shuva, deep meditations of return to our Source. Then the work will come out pure, the spirit of G-d will rest upon it, and the spirit of the entire nation will grace it with holiness” (Orot, Orot HaTechiyah 37).

This is what I have striven to do in my novels. They are works that are filled with t’shuva, with faith, simcha, and great inspiration. For instance, after I made aliyah to Israel, I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving Tevye still standing on the roof in some foreign land with a fiddle in his hand. So I decided to bring him to Israel and give him a shovel and rifle instead. In his unforgettable adventure to become a pioneer building in the Promised Land, Tevye, the Milkman from Anatekva, is put through test after test, just like the Nation of Israel itself, and, clinging to his towering love and faith in G-d, he rises to overcome every challenge and crisis.

So, Moses, I hope you enjoy the book, and I urge all INN readers to get yourselves a copy, and share it with your children, your families, and friends. It’s the best New Year’s gift I can give you for having had the willingness to put up with me on this blog.