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98 Curses of Exile

By Tzvi Fishman
9/18/2011, 12:09 PM

The Arizal is universally recognized as one of the most influential Sages of Torah in the last thousand years, the foremost master of Kabbalah, possessed of Ruach HaKodesh, whose teachings illuminated the secrets of Torah and forged new pathways in our understanding of the world and Divine service.

He explains that all of the 98 curses of exile mentioned in this week’s Torah portion “Ki Tavo,” derive from sexual transgression, blemishes to the sefirah of “Yesod,” which stirs Divine wrath and brings the “vengeance of revenging the Brit” in its wake.

This is what he states:

צ"ח קללות

הנה כל העונש הוא, בשביל מה שפגמו ביסוד, בסוד חרב נוקמת נקם ברית. והנה יסוד הוא קשת היורה חצים, בסוד זרע היורה כחץ, למטרה: רחל. לכן כשחטאו והפרידו חץ הקודש, כן ח"ץ פתאום היה מכותם צ"ח קללות.

A translation and explanation can be found at our website Once again, before the Days of Judgment arrive, and to take advantage of the special segulot of the month of Elul, which is a particularly favorable time to make atonement from sexual transgression, I recommend that you spend some time at the site. It’s a library of everything you ever wanted to know about Jewish Sexuality but were too embarrassed (or afraid) to ask. If you don’t believe me of its importance, take it from the Arizal. The Questions and Answers on the site are very useful; Rabbi Kook’s writings on t’shuva are explained in the section “The Art of T’shuva”; there’s lots of Rebbe Nachman; tikunim for sexual transgression; a 60 page guide to beating masturbation and Internet temptation; the Laws of Marital Relations, and much much more, including a condensed translation and explanation of the famous “Igeret HaT’shuva” or “Letter of T’shuva” by the Baal HaTanya, whose birthday is being celebrated today, along with the Baal Shem Tov’s.

Don’t think you know it all. You may very well be doing things that you’ll end up regretting, as the Arizal and the Baal HaTanya make perfectly clear.

Shavuah tov and happy t’shuva! מלאךמלאךמלאך