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Simon Springer
Simon Springer is from Washington State. Currently, he resides in Far Rockaway, NY with his wife, Danielle, and his daughter, Michal Aviva. He works, learns Torah in Yeshiva Shor Yoshuv, and writes for his blog, www.SupportingOurIsrael.com. His heart yearns to make Aliyah soon, but until then, he finds it important to show Israel in a Positive light. The Diaspora only sees the negative, reactive articles about Israel, not showing the good that they do. His hope is to make Israel an economic powerhouse, dependent on no other country and believes that it is the best way to strengthen Israel....
You will hear it here first! I LOVE THE FLOTILLAS! G-d knows that I love them. The whole concept is brilliant. Do something for publicity of a cause. Genius.


Why in Gaza? We have all seen that the people in Gaza are victims. The question is, of whom? I see on a daily basis, updates of humanitarian aid being delivered, from Israel, into Gaza. I see the US and Israel funneling money into Gaza. I see, in many non-mainstream blogs and websites, pictures of Gaza's thriving markets, malls and things of the sort.

So why is the flotilla going to Gaza? Are they going to fight against the inhumane treatment of Palestinians by Hamas? Syrians? Lebanese? Jordanians? Maybe they are mad that the PA gives the Palestinian people no room to move and make a life for themselves in Gaza and Israel. Or is it that Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization, run terror operations within Gaza, which causes Israel to close borders, not out of hate of the Palestinian people, but for the safety of those who want to be recognized as Israeli citizens.

No. The flotilla is filled with anti-Israel activists. They call for the destruction of an officially sanctioned, legitimate, sovereign state. In the scores of "journalists" on board the flotilla, you will not find one who, in the face of pure fact, will do an about face and support Israel, even on single matters. Their views on Israel are in line with their brother in terror.

But the idea is amazing. International intrigue, pro-rights groups fighting against tyranny. You can't make this stuff up.

As a Zionist, calling to other Zionists, we should start a flotilla as well. Going straight to a port in Israel. Following the rules, being checked by the customs and security agents, as the anti-Israel flotillas should. The only catch, however, is that we bring building supplies, money and people. We make it a point to show the world that we aren't going anywhere. We are building in our land, self funded and driven to settle it with our people. It doesn't matter where we go. Yesha is great, Sharon, Galil, Negev...who cares. We can make a huge publicity stink. Get Israel's image out that we are here to stay!

You can get a nice tan too.