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We Are All Weiners

By Tzvi Fishman
6/10/2011, 12:00 AM

Today, we are all Weiners. In the global cyberspace village that knows no boundaries or shame, the Internet makes Weiners out of all of us.

We are all Weiners

I’ve been saying it for a long time – everyone is affected. The temptations and pitfalls of the Internet are simply too ubiquitous and mighty to withstand. If a person doesn’t constantly work on himself to guard his eyes, his morals, and his fear of G-d, he is certain to become a Weiner himself. That’s why we created

Whether it’s Twitter, or Facebook, Chat, or regular Internet surfing, you have to be a Superman not to get snared in the net of egotism and immorality that the Internet upholds as the norm. In the digital days we live in, it’s a ME ME ME world where anyone and everyone can have his own website and vomit his views into cyberspace as if he is some famous astronaut. Look at my Face! Look at my body! See how I twitter! Take a whiff of my blog! The very opposite of the sacred values of modesty and humility which our holy Torah lauds.

U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner is simply a victim, and we are all victims with him. That’s what cyberspace does to you. Just like the Diaspora. In fact, they’re the same. The Diaspora is cyberspace. It breaks down all borders. Instead of being married by a rabbi, Weiner was married by a goy, not just any goy, but by a supergoy, a man who was an immoral disgrace to the world, who sought to rob the Jews of Jerusalem, an evil egomaniac of a man, married to an evil egomaniac of a woman who wants to tear the Land of Israel asunder and give it to the Nazis of today.

Instead of marrying a Jew, Weiner married a Muslim. Then, instead of burying himself in a hole in shame for turning his back on his holy forefathers and his holy Jewish faith, he exposed himself for all the world to see, making a mockery out of the holy Covenant. The DeWeinerization of Weiner. That’s the Diaspora in a nutshell, where everyone, sooner or later, is turned into a deWeinerized Weiner.

What’s the solution?

Come to Israel. True, the curse of cyberspace has invaded our holy borders as well. And not accidently, my friends. At the present time, when half of the Nation of Israel is still scattered amongst the gentiles, the global village is controlled by the enemies of holiness. Like in the days of Midian and Moav of old, the landlords of cyberspace are waging a war against the Jewish People and G-d, polluting G-d’s chosen people with immorality and all kinds of godless character traits and morals. To make us assimilate. To make us all into Weiners. To Facebook and Twitter us all into oblivion.

Friends, save yourselves while you can. Come to Israel. The Holy Land protects us. Hashem watches over us here. Yes, we have Internet and all of its smut. But assimilation is miniscule. So if you don’t want to become a Weiner forever, come to Israel now! Guard yourselves! Protect your children! Don’t let the Internet make a Weiner out of you!

And download a safe filter. Everyone. Now!