Osama Bin Laden is Dead - Three Truths

Paula R. Stern,

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Paula R. Stern
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That is a message we have all been expecting for almost 10 years. In some ways, his future was signed on September 11, 2001, every bit as much as the people he murdered. I got the message on my phone, as I do many messages, and wondered, as I often do, if the information was accurate. I see on various sites that this has been reported elsewhere and so I will tell you the three thoughts, the three truths that came to mind as I read the message.

One thought the world will probably not notice; the second, they will learn with great sadness; and the third, the world will never admit.

The first is that while Americans and most people the world over will sigh with relief, there will be no dancing in the streets. No one will hand out candies and there will be no great celebrations. Americans understand, as we do, that those who were murdered 10 years ago in the World Trade Center, Pennsylvania and the Pentagon do not return. Evil has been eliminated, but the good and the righteous cannot return.

The second great truth is that for each one Osama bin Laden that dies, five more will come to replace him. Perhaps ten, perhaps more. This is another truth the world will know, though now it is too painful to believe. There is a culture of suicide bombers, of hatred, martyrdom, and death. These are the world of Hassan Nassralah, not me. He admits that his people love death and he believes that he will defeat the Jews, and in his mind the west as well because we...and you...love life. We love our children, we love our freedom. He sees this as our greatest weakness, never understanding it is truly our strength and all that we are.

But others, like bin Laden, like Nassralah, like Saddam Hussein, like Gaddafi and Bashar Assad...others will rise up and continue. It is a matter of culture, this great divide, a matter of belief and yes, religion.

And the third great truth is that what begins in Israel, too often comes to the world. This was true of the suicide bombers that began with buses in Jerusalem, malls in Tel Aviv, and innocents all over our country, and led to 9/11, Madrid, Bali, London. And this is true of the nuclear threat we face from Iran today.

Osama bin Laden is dead. No the world is not a better place today, but perhaps for a short time, we can hope that his death has granted life to what would have been his future victims.

Above all truths is that above all of us, there is a God who watches over, who determines the paths of all of us, our futures and those that we love. He controls all and He will determine all.

Today, a great evil has been removed. For that, we can be grateful. We will not celebrate death - it is not our way but we can sigh in relief...until those that will come to replace him begin their work. And in the future, those truths will again come to that final of truths because, as a young Holocaust victim wrote in her diary long ago, good will triumph over evil. Anne Frank went to her death still believing in the essential good of mankind.

Today, while much of the world discusses Osama bin Laden, Israel will stand for two minutes of silence and remember another great evil and his victims.

May God bless the memories of those who were murdered by this man, this evil, this culture of death. May the families find comfort that now Osama bin Laden will meet his True Judge and true justice for all the days of eternity, he will pay for each precious life he stole, each family he devastated.

May God bless the memories of those who were murdered in the Holocaust by Adolf Hitler and those evil ones who served him and his culture of hatred and death. May the families of those who survived find comfort that as Osama bin Laden now begins his eternal suffering, Adolf Hitler and countless others remain in the hell they deserve.