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      Baruch's Breeze
      by Baruch Gordon
      A refreshing and optimistic view on Israel, Torah and events.
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      Baruch Gordon founded the Arutz Sheva-IsraelNationalNews.com website in 1995 and directed its English Media Department for 14 years. Baruch studied and taught at the Bet El Yeshiva Center, later serving as Dean of its Program for Overseas Students and Program for IDF Veterans. 

      Baruch is certified by the Dor v'Dor Institute to counsel married couples and prepare hatanim for marriage.

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      Adar Bet 28, 5771, 4/3/2011

      The Coffee-Computer Catastrophe

      I am a heavy computer user and a light coffee drinker. Here's a story about how the two do not mix well:

      I invited my friend and Israel tour guide Gershon Portnoy, who is now working part time with Bet El Tours, for a meeting in my office in Bet El. We were discussing some intensive, off-the-beaten-track tours of Israel for tourists who seek something beyond the regular bus tour of Israel.

      I made us a both a cup of coffee and in the enthusiastic discourse which followed, I spun my laptop computer around to show him a document, and bumped into his coffee. The cup did not tilt over, but approximately one gulp of the black fluid spilt onto the 6 upper left keys of my laptop keyboard. A minute later, the computer blinked out.


      I thought, "No prob," and hair-dried the wet area, sure that the computer would come back to life. This computer served me for some 5 years and still functioned fine.

      Despite all resuscitation attempts, no heartbeat returned to my lifeless laptop. I sent it for a laboratory check, and later that day, psychologists and doctors showed up at my home. They asked me to make a cup of coffee and sit down in a comfortable chair next to my computer. It was then that they informed me that my computer would not return to life – ever.

      I was wrecked and devastated. I've been using laptops for 15 years and never has anything like this happened to me – to take the precious life of my own.

      I tell you this story for two reasons:
      1) Beware dear friends of drinking coffee next to a laptop. It only takes a small amount of liquid to kill it.

      And 2) the three institutions which I work for – the Bet El Yeshiva Center, Arutz Sheva, and the Bet El IDF Preparatory Academy - are getting me a new laptop to the tune of $1,400. If there are any fine, upstanding, southern-like ladies and gentlemen out there who want to pitch in to cover the unexpected cost, we'd all be much obliged.

      Please send checks of $200 or more made out to: The American Friends of the Bet El Yeshiva Center (US tax deductible).
      Mail to:
      Baruch Gordon
      c/o Simanowitz
      68-27 Juno St.
      Forest Hills, NY 11375

      Send an email – baruch@IsraelNationalNews.com - notifying me that you are sending a check so I can confirm receipt, make sure you get a receipt, and express my thanks. I will also be happy to recite psalms on behalf of the donors along with a prayer request at the ancient holy site where Yaakov (Jacob) has his dream in the book of Genesis, right here in Bet El.

      If you happen to be a computer company and can donate a laptop, we could actually use a few.