Those Who Get It, Those Who Don't

Tamar Yonah ,

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לבן ריק
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Tamar Yonah
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Watch these two videos.  One is of a Muslim who 'gets it'.  The other video is of a Muslim who doesn't get it. 


And now watch this, which is happening in AMERICA!

Important points to internalize and disseminate to others....

1)  A Palestinian state would be an apartheid state, being born from an 'authority' that does not let Jews reside or own land in its midst.  This as opposed to Israel who grant Arabs rights in Israel.

2)  Anti-Zionist organizations are really anti-Semitic organizations in disguise, who have switched the word 'Zionist' for Jew, and want to see the extermination of the Jewish State, which translates as the extermination of the Jewish People.  "From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free' smacks of genocide.  Genocide is a crime against humanity, yet the world ignores these cries.  Those who paint a false picture that Israel commits genocide, are evil twisted liars.  Israel is one of the strongest countries in the world.  If we wanted or wished for the genocide of all Arabs here, there wouldn't be any Arabs alive here.  We have the means to do it, but we have no wish other than living in peace with our neighbors.  On the other hand, if the Arab world had the means to commit a genocide against the Jews, and finish what Hitler did, they would.  They state it:  "Wipe out the Jewish state".  "From the river to the sea,,,,"  "First the Saturday People (Jews), then the Sunday People (Christians/The West)". First the Little Satan (the Jews) then the Big Satan (the West). 

3)  There never was a state called Palestine.  Just as in Libya, with Kadaffi ruling over lots and lots of little tribes,  so was the region of Palestine, for the last several centuries, inhabited by nomadic tribes traveling back and forth after most of the Jews were expelled from their land.  Let us not forget, there were Jews living in the Holy Land throughout the ages, side by side in most cases, with the various occupying foreign powers. 

4) Palestine is not even an Arabic word or name.  It is the land of Judah/Judea, and "the name 'Falastin' that Arabs today use for 'Palestine' is not an Arabic name. It is the Arab pronunciation of the Roman 'Palaestina'."   What kind of Arab people would name themselves and their so-called country, a name from another language and culture.  THERE IS NO PALESTINE.  THERE NEVER WAS A PALESTINIAN STATE. There has ONLY been a JEWISH SOVEREIGN STATE on this land. 

5)  Those People in the world who want to be on the side of right, righteousness and morality MUST choose the side of Israel, which gives so much to the world in almost every field in science and human aid.  They cannot support an entity filled with hate, that calls for genocide, that supports terrorism and terror acts -no matter how they justify them, and they cannot support an entity and religious Islamic leaders who call for Sharia Law and world domination.  They simply cannot. 

6) G-d says it in black and white to all who read His book:  "And I will bless them that bless thee, and him that curseth thee will I curse".   

Note Talk Back #6 where I write: 

One point I don't want you to miss  - is that the female Muslim woman saying she agrees or is for the Jews going to Israel so that the Muslims don't have to 'hunt them down', is a UNIVERSITY STUDENT!!!!!!

This is what the USA is turning out from it's universities??? 
For those who may argue she is just an immigrant, it would be quite possible this Jew-hater is not, as she has an American accent. In any case, please think about this, this person is not a dummy from the streets, this is a university educated person. Somewhere, America has failed where it's university campuses are filled with students like these, that overpower and outnumber, by vast amounts, non-Israel hating students. As for professors in universities, they already rule the Israel-hating roost. U.S. Universities are now churning out 'students' that will be the future of America in ALL fields. Jews, get out.  The writing is on the wall.