More Terror - Gog's Awakening and Wake Up Bibi!

Tamar Yonah ,

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לבן ריק
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Tamar Yonah
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Just now ANOTHER attack against Israel and Jews.  Jerusalem was bombed! 

This is the outcome of a weak leader, and a self-chosen impotent government that kowtows to the International community and the White House.  The bombing of Jerusalem follows on the heels of the Prime Minister's flaccid remarks that the government will respond to the slaughterers of the Fogel Family in Itamar several days ago by 'building'.  I don't know about you, but I haven't heard a word about any new neighborhood of 50,000 homes going up named Tel-Fogel.  In fact, lest we forget, our present Prime Minister is the one who froze all building in Yesha in the first place because of his fear to anger Obama.  Our lack of meting out justice to the murderers AND their harborers - the Palestinian Authority, showed our enemy that we are ripe to kick, ripe to kill.

The Prime Minister's statement to the international community and the United Nations was a groveling sheep-like 'Pleeeeeease condemn this slaughter -baaaah- on this family and especially the little -baaaah- baby who was not guilty -(like her parents???? because they lived in Itamar and were 'settlers'?)'. 

Our enemies must have been either laughing at us and our weak buckling knees, or disgusted from us, like a kid trying to pick a fight with someone, and all the other kids does is turn the other cheek!  

Following the slaughter in Itamar, a combination of over 50 mortars/rockets and grad missiles slammed into Israel from the Hamas led Gaza.   It's only a miracle from G-d that no one was close enough to be killed and that more Israelis weren't hurt.  Schools in Ashdod and Beer Sheva had to be closed today for fear of more attacks.  Is this how citizens should be living in their own country?  Does a government that leads this nation deserve to remain in power?  And sadder still, if there were new elections, who could we even vote for that would be better?  They seem to all be 'drek' (garbage).

And now, after the slaughters, after the missile attacks on our cities in the south, and after this bombing attack in Jerusalem, what will be next?  If there are no consequences for the perpetrators, then what is to stop them from continuing to do their murderous actions?

PM Binyamin Netanyahu needs to act immediately - before another attack is launched against us, and he must go on the offensive, and mete out justice.
The Palestinian Authority, headed by a Holocaust-denier (Mahmoud Abbas) has forfeited its right to exist - not that it should have ever been created in the first place.  The authority must be dismantled.  Israel must return to Gaza, and when I say Israel, I don't just mean the IDF, I mean it should be re-populated by Jews, and any former residents of Gush Katif that wish to return.

The Evil that we are dealing with must be eradicated.  If it is fed, as it is being fed now by our in-activeness, it will spread like fire, and this will not be the last attack we see, nor the only areas in danger.  Stage left, enter from the north, the Hezbollah, which is watching and will be emboldened, and may G-d forbid join the fray.  

This may indeed open up the can of worms that will then whet the appetite of the International community, specifically those now active waging war against Libya.  With the weakness shown by the Netanyahu government, it would seem like an invitation,  to what could be 'Gog', of Gog and Magog fame, to invade Israel, under the guise of  'establishing peace' here in Israel by occupying us and carving Jerusalem and the rest of the nation to the bone. But we all know what happens to Gog - whomever that might be -and his forces.

Bibi, don't fail us now.  Don't tell us to 'go back to the 'shigra' (normalcy/routine).  Don't deny that we are in a war! When will you have finally had it? When will you give the green light to finally fight back, and not suffice with a few 'targeted' hits against our enemies?  When will you stop turning the other cheek?  When will you stop begging the world for a 'condemnation' worth ziltch?  Your people are motivated and we are not afraid.  Call in the IDF, and tell the nations of the world to go to H-ll.  Let us bring our enemies to their knees.  Let them BEG us for peace.  Say the word that our army can finally put an end to this endless war that we have not been allowed to win!  And let us have some peace!