Islam Won.

Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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Islam won.  They have invaded our nations and are now calling the shots.  They are not afraid, and they have chosen the path of 'intolerance' for their host nations. 

With the mass immigration to Europe, their high birthrate, and refusal to assimilate into their host country's culture, Europe has earned the name, 'Eurabia'.  Even if there are some friendly Muslims who aren't looking to dominate others, where are they?  Why are they so silent?  And if it is because of fear of retaliation from more extremist Muslims, then that too means that the Jihadists have won.

A French acquaintance of mine said that France is basically lost.  With their ever-growing Islamic population there, there is hardly a family in France that doesn't already have a Muslim member in it somehow, be it a son-in-law, brother in law, uncle, cousin, etc... This cold greatly affect the future charachter of that country.  French writer Guy Milliere predicts that Muslims will be come the MAJORITY in France in just 20 years.

Others write that 'wherever there are large numbers of Arabs, there is crime and violence, particularly against women'.

More than half of France's 45,000 prison inmates are Muslim.  Police in France, the U.K., the Netherlands, Sweden, etc.,  are afraid to enter into Muslim neighborhoods, or to keep order at demonstrations for fear of violence and/or riots that could break out.

In Israel, the Arabs, with recognition by the West as a legitimate owner of this land, as well as emboldening and financial help from the West, coupled with our own weak and/or sold-out leaders, are now NOT afraid to march in Tel Aviv-Yaffo and shout, "Death to Settlers" (who are the real legal owners of the Land). 

Please view this 4 min + news report to see how they have made people feel like foreigners in their own country.  This report is important to watch - and spread.


These Jihadist Muslims have already won. 

Besides asking for Sharia law to rule in their host countries, the only other thing they ask for is 'Jihad' and to be a martyr.  The day will come when the host-countries they sojourn in will say, 'Enough!', and fight back.  But this is exactly what these Jihadists desire: war, bloodshed and martyrdom.  So they have already gotten what they wanted before the fight has even started.  They will get what they pray for, either way.  And some might say that we all probably deserve it.  What weak, pathetic leaders we have today.  What a lazy la-la-land we chose to live in with our denial of what is surely to come.  Yup.  They'll get the war they want, we'll get the war we tried to foolishly avoid, and they will win, because, even if they lose, in the end they will get what they wanted:  Jihad, bloodshed and martyrdom.