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UFOs Tour Jerusalem

By Tamar Yonah
2/1/2011, 12:00 AM

Recently, there were reports of a UFO over Jerusalem's Temple Mount.  (January 28th, 2011)

Watch these 3 videos.  They are all very convincing.  The question you must tackle now, is what you see, and then what you choose to believe.

It is very important that you watch ALL 3 videos in order.  This story of the sighting of a UFO was covered on one of Israel's TV news shows, and people are talking about this and sending out emails. 

Watch this first video, it really is amazing!

The alien ball of light hovers above Temple Mount, and then slowly moves down, then, a flash of light and then it shoots straight up really fast.  Stay with the video, it get's a little boring, but stay watching.

Now watch this same video from a tourist who was also filming this sight, right opposite the UFO, near the Temple Mount and Dome of the Rock.

"Proof Jerusalem UFO video is real. A new video of the UFO over Jerusalem surfaced tonight from a tourist that was filming while on a late night tour of Jerusalem on January 28th 2011. The video is not the clearest because it was dark out, but it catches the same glowing orb that was caught on tape from across town."

Lastly, watch this.  

Now, what do you believe?