...How Many Years Until Stability Returns to Egypt?

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With Mubarak on His Way Out, How Many Years Until Stability Returns to Egypt?



I have no doubts that it will take many years for Egypt to fully calm down.

This isn't a simple western-style government change.  The rioters are making demands; they're not working to rule better, more fairly. It's very naive and unrealistic to expect good government by western standards.  Maybe things will improve, but not immediately.  And I'm not saying that Mubarak was good, but if Obama is so sympathetic to the rioters' demands, he should have been putting pressure on Mubarak to make changes for the past two years.  Instead of doing that, the Obama government has been putting pressure on Israel to discriminate against Jewish Civil Rights.  I just hope that all these riots, in Tunisia, Egypt and ? will take the pressure off of us.

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