Teen Mommies, Values and Islam

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If our children aren't getting good G-dly values, then what values ARE they getting?
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage.

This blog post starts out light hearted, but as life often does, will end very heavy on our shoulders.

My husband jokes around that the community that we live in here in Israel has a high rate of teen pregnancies.  You see, a good number of my daughter's all girl's school graduating class is with child, - only thing is, they are married.  -And thank G-d - they did it in the right order.  This is because idealistic religious youth today are getting married earlier.  Many say that their goals after finishing school are to get married and have lots of babies.  Some move into inexpensive housing in yishuvim or small rentals in the bigger cities, as they finish up their university or career studies (while pregnant).  Some young couples opt out of the rat race and go towards the 'living on the land' route out in the unpopulated areas in Yehuda & Shomron (Judea & Samaria) living in a trailer home until they can build their own homes one day.  Some of these couples are the 'hill top youth' types and they live very frugally and close to the land.  All these young married couples written about above have chosen their values and have opted for 'family life' as soon as possible.  They have chosen, because of their values, to forego the 'single's scene' and to skip all the hurt and 'messes' that long-term singlehood often dish out.  They have taken down off the pedestal, their hopes for powerful 'careers' , and placed them in it's proper place of being important, but not THE most important thing in life.  Their goals?  To serve G-d with their ideals the best they know how, and to raise good children who will do the same and carry on the torch of Judaism, wisdom, truth and love of their Land.

Now, compare this with the richest and most advanced western country in the world, America.  And don't think I am happy about saying what I am about to say, because I truly appreciate America and am very grateful to it for their once wholesome values.  But America has lost it's shine.  It has become a valueless society along with the rest of the Western powers.  It has removed G-d from the schools and the court houses and it has, through Hollywood and the Press, made fun of people who believe and live by the Bible, belittling them and making them old fashioned provincial nut-cases.  And what has it got instead?  A society focused on comfort, materialism and instant gratification.  

This new generation of youth, that has been brought up by the worst TV can offer, as well as New World Order/Nimrodic/communist values of 'We don't need G-d' , have helped to result in the downfall of a once great super-power and the corrosion of its society. 

I was folding laundry the other day, and as I like to watch the news while doing so, I saw a report from a show of talking heads discussing the dismally high rate of teen pregnancy in America.  According to reports, "The United States has the highest rates of teen pregnancy and births in the western industrialized world. Teen pregnancy costs the United States at least $7 billion annually."  

In some areas in the USA, teen pregnancies are as high as 1 in 5  or 20% !  There are teen pregnancy pacts where young girls are active in things they shouldn't be, just to try to be accepted in school.  One report I saw on the TV news showed a doctor who said that he had a  boy as young as 13 years old come in with a sexually transmitted disease.  THIRTEEN!  

Afterwards, one of the talking heads, the host of the show, asked why this was happening in America.  I was incredulous and answered the host on the TV screen, and said, "Well, what do you want when you have a valueless society today?  What do you want when all kids see on TV is sex, sex, and more of the same? All kids are exposed to today is s-s-s.  Every tv show, whether it is a drama, soap opera or sit-com all focus on that three letter word. Every joke cracked?  Sex.  Every innuendo?  Sex.  Every crime to be solved? It's with some type of sex offender.  Our kids see it all, all the time, in everything they watch.  

MTV has a new show out I hear called 'Skins' that apparently show kids involved in drugs and s-s-s. This is supposed to be a show for teens?  What kind of society produces such  poison for impressionable youths to watch?  Even the kid shows have plots of the boy who likes the girl, and tries to win her, and by the end of the show, get's to 'plant one on her' as the LIVE studio audience whistles and oohs and ahhs.  Yup, he got the girl, and yup, he's engaging in things he shouldn't be running after at pre-teen age.  And if you get lucky enough to have your kid watch a decent family type show, then the 'commercials' come on and ruin everything all over again. 

To top it all off, sitcoms always have families that show dumb, over-reactive parents, and their kids who know better and come off smarter than their folks.  How can any society advance when the kids think they know better than the wisdom offered by their parents, teachers and elders?

Another report I saw was of an interview with teens asking them why one of their friends committed a series of crimes.  One girl's answer was that the criminal youth's parents didn't listen to him and didn't get him what he wanted.  - Excuse me?  Since when do parents have to listen to their kids and not the other way around?  Who holds more wisdom?  Who should be given more respect?  If I sound like an old fogey, then guilty.  But I know that I need to rely on the wisdom of those who came before me.  Additionally, I know of our brilliant ancestors in Judaism; Moses, King David, King Solomon, Rabbi Akiva, Rambam, Rashi, and on and on and on.... they knew what the right path was, and wanted to instill it in the younger generations in order to create the best world possible for ourselves.

Why then should we follow the 'new thinkers' the 'intellectual elite' who want to rid the world of G-d's laws and values and implant their own set of rules and unG-dly behaviors? 

Final point, if our children aren't getting good G-dly values, then what values ARE they getting?  There's a vacuum here.  If they aren't taught by their elders, then they will fill their cups with - things we don't even want to think about - and then it's too late.  What will be with these babies born from promiscuous single teen parents?  How will they grow up?  What values will they get and live by?  What examples will they grow up with and then take into their adult lives?  What education and future can they hope to achieve when already they are handicapped in life being brought up by an irresponsible and immature teen?

We can only hope that a revival of ethical, humane values will re-take their rightful place and order in this world, and that 'family values' will once again take front seat, and set our generation and society back on a healthy track.  Broken families, unwed teen mommies, out of control materialism, comfort-hungry and instant gratification minded kids in a valueless population in the West, will never beat it's foes.  When faced with enemies like Islamic jihadists who are willing to kill AND die for their beliefs, a secular valueless West will never stand up to it or win.  It will either be absorbed into Islam or eliminated as an infidel entity.

The short of it is, if we don't instill G-dly values into our kids, then someone or something else will.  What will it be?  It's up to our values.