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Could Another Holocaust Happen?

By Tamar Yonah
1/13/2011, 12:00 AM
Some say of course there can be, and will be one. Others say, 'Never, the world has learned it's lesson, or at least it would be too hard to get away with it in these days.  And then there are others who say, "At least it could never happen in America'.
But what's the truth?

Watch this video below of people being pranked at a bakery that my good friend Dr. Harold B. sent me.  

Do you feel good about the response of your fellow man?  Not good? Uneasy?
And even if the majority of the people spoke up against Anti-Semitism, would it be enough if there was a REAL consequence to doing so, like prison time or even ....worse?  

And what about the 'BLACK SHEEP' Phenomena. Did these people speak up because they were morally outraged, or was it because they were ashamed to have one of their own speak in a way that made them 'uncomfortable' and wasn't politically correct?

Can you be confident in your fellow man/woman if you live in the Diaspora,  and would you rely on the people in your neighborhood /local stores/ supermarkets, etc to stand up and not just say something, but actually take risks or sacrificing their and/or their family's safety, ...for Jews?
Would 'enough' of them do it?

Remember, it only takes a small percentage of a population to overthrow a majority.  If most of the population is made up of moms and dads, and office workers, and government clerks and workers, and poorer people/immigrants that are just struggling to get their daily bread and pay their rent, would this population, COULD this population stand up against a gang that is armed, patrolling the streets, and ready to use their weapons on you?  

Remember the old Western Movies?  Remember where it took only a small gang of outlaws to take over a town, and it was up to the cowboy in the white hat to be willing to risk his life and use HIS gun against THEM, to liberate the town from those thugs?
Do we have enough guys with white hats today? What will happen when even our university students today don't even know anything about the Middle East?  

Watch this video below.  Take out your hanky first.  It's a travesty, even more so, since the USA is actively engaged in a war in the Middle East and these university students, the 'future' of America, have no clue of who inhabits the other side of the globe.