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Poetry Submission: CREATIVE SPARK - Chanukah fires

By Ben Bresky
12/13/2010, 12:12 AM


by charlene rae solomon
california, usa
i am burned
by the first chanuka flame
7 nites of holocaust still
lit by a shimmering shamos
 forbidden to extinguish prematurely, it must melt me as a furnace does dross
and make me as fine pure gold as His Temple
i beg for help from mine enemies
self-sufficiency is illusion
pain is too real
G-d is my only Hope
so soon a phoenix risen resurrection
from creation's/destruction's ashes
a new art dedicated to rebirth
and Heavenly grace grants this New Beginning
rain falls violently
putting out my fire thru drenching
quenching my thirst
i will plant a tree
 for Thee

# # #
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