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Blazing Laptops

By Tzvi Fishman
12/8/2010, 12:00 AM

One of the lessons of Hanukah is that something seemingly small and of no value can have a tremendous impact on the world. This was the case with the small cruse of oil which burned for eight days during the sanctification of the Beit HaMikdash after the miraculous military victory of the Macabees over the wicked Greeks. Not only did that little amount of oil last for eight days, its power has kindled the Hanukah menorahs of the Jewish People for thousands of years, giving spiritual fuel to millions and millions of candles, lighting up the darkness of the Greek way of life and its celebration of physical lust and debauchery, to remind mankind that G-d is the One and only true light of the world.

Lighting up the darkness


That small cruse of oil, sealed with the stamp of the holy Kohen HaGadol, is a symbol of Am Yisrael, a small and seemingly insignificant nation amongst the superpowers of the world, whose influence has been a beacon for mankind, lighting up man's primitive materialistic obsessions, teaching that the spiritual life reigns supreme.

So too, each and every Jew, fueled by his, or her, supreme holy soul, possesses a tremendous potential to influence his family, his community, and the world. And just as one small person can have a tremendous impact on the world for good, a single evil person can leave behind a devastating trail of destruction.

It all depends on how a person steers his powers, whether his spark of holiness will shine throughout the ages like the small cruse of oil found in the Temple, or whether it will be the spark of destruction, like the small spark which set all of the Carmel ablaze.

The Brit Milah teaches us to control our passions before they control us.


The Greeks banned brit milah because their depraved and perverted worldview could not tolerate a Divine ideology that demands that the physical world be sanctified, along with its most powerful lusts. The Greeks wanted to celebrate the human body and its unbridled passions, in their brothels, nude Olympics, naked statues, bathhouse orgies, and pantheon of promiscuous gods.

The fire of passion has a place, in the right time and with the proper marital partner, but it must be controlled. The fire of passion, when left unguarded, brings terrible destruction in its wake. Sexual transgression causes the Shechinah to flee, and it returns in revenge as an all-consuming blaze, whether it be a fire that that uproots whole communities, or a fire that engulfs a person caught in the fireball of untempered lust, urging him, or her, on to more and more sexual sin, whether it be adultery, promiscuity, homosexuality, masturbation, or an addiction to Internet porn.

If you don't have an Internet filter, get one before its too late!


Mattityahu and his sons were holy warriors, guardians of the Brit, and it was through their transcendental holiness that they were able to overcome the brute material force of the Greeks, rise above the laws of nature, and become the “wicks” for the miracles in battle which G-d wrought for them, bringing the light of the spiritual into the world and illuminating the darkness which the Greeks wanted to spread over the globe with their unholy hedonistic culture.

So, if you don’t already have a filter on your computer, get one. Don’t let the culture of the Greeks dominate your life. Brush up once again on the laws of proper marital relations. Be your own fireman and put out the fire before you destroy yourself and your surroundings in a blaze that all the fire-fighting airplanes in the world won’t be able to extinguish.

Not all the airplanes in the world...


Have a Happy and Holy Hanukah!