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Fire and Death and Charred Bodies

By Tamar Yonah
12/6/2010, 12:00 AM

It was horrible.  Whether this particular fire in the Carmel was started by accident or by arsonists, the Arabs are at war with Israel.  Reports are that Arabs were recently nabbed trying to set fires in Israel, near Nazareth and just south of Jerusalem.

Dan Amir, a resident of Bet Oren, succeeded on Thursday[Dec. 2, 2010] to photograph the bus that transported the Prison service officers course cadets, seconds before it was caught in the flames with most of it's occupants subsequently killed.  

I got this email and here is a rough translation:
Amir is a tour guide and an expert on the Carmel region.  He lives on a Kibbutz for ten years.
"On Thursday in the afternoon, we saw a huge fire coming down from the mountain in our direction and smoke rising up into the air. The fire started to gallop down and the firemen tried to build a line against it but the fire jumped across the road.  At this point we watched and photographed, and then we saw it coming close to us very quickly.   Suddenly, we turned our attention to a bus that was there in the fire - around 400 meters (yards) away from us.  I was barely able to direct the camera to take a few pictures, when immediately a wall of fire covered the area, and we didn't see the bus anymore.  It was like it disappeared and all we saw was fire.  The flames were 20-30 meters high.
The flames crossed the wadi and reached Bet Oren from the south and in one stroke, burned the homes that were in that line.  At this time, I already stopped photographing and we turned into a fire-fighting team of ten men and we didn't evacuate, the team was made up of emergency people and other people, and from that moment we only busied ourselves with fighting the fire."
Here are the photos of the bus, with the white car behind it reportedly belonging to Ahuva Tomer, the Chief of Police of Haifa just moments before they were engulfed by the fire. (see below)  

Commander Tomer, 52, and a familair face to the Israeli public, died this morning from wounds she suffered.  Paramedics found her at the scene, with no pulse, but was brought back to life and rushed to the hospital.  "She suffered burns over 90% of her body, and though doctors fought valiantly to save her life, and even noted a slight improvement in her condition yesterday, the situation worsened over night and she succumbed this morning. She is the 43rd victim of the fire."



I didn't want to post the photos of the charred bodies here, but those who want to view more, to understand the depth and horrendous damage that the 2 Arab youth [and others] are suspected of inflicting, can go and view more photos here.  Be warned that the 2 photos of the charred bodies are graphic.