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Pollard's Release on American Legal Grounds Only!

By Batya Medad
11/20/2010, 12:00 AM

He has paid enough. Let him out!
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Pollard's Release Should Be on American Legal Grounds Only

It's in Jonathan Pollard's best interests, legally and morally, that the campaign to get him released from his American imprisonment be based on American legal precedent.  The new campaign which has the support of American Congressmen is in the right direction.

There was a miscarriage of justice.  Pollard's punishment in all aspects was totally out of proportion according to all similar cases.  Actually, there may not have been any "similar cases," because Pollard gave the information to an ally.  But even comparing that to those who were spies for enemies of the United States, the sentence and conditions of Pollard's imprisonment have been unusually harsh.  The campaign should concentrate on that aspect and not link him to anything going on in Israel.

Pollard is an American who made a mistake, broke the law, and he has paid for it over and over.  He has paid enough.  Let him out!