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Seeking A Program of Torah Study?

By Baruch Gordon
11/19/2010, 12:00 AM

Many of us who work are serious about Torah learning, but don't quite have a set regime of study. We cherish the Torah, observe the mitzvot, and open various books and commentaries several times a week to delve into the depths of our ancient heritage. But our Rabbis told us, "Kva itim l'Torah" [Set times for Torah study].

I am writing to highly recommend a daily regime of study of the mishna berura commentary to the Shulchan Aruch [Code of Jewish Law]. The pace of study is one amud (a side of a page) per day. And an organization in Chicago provides a link to a short English audio class (3 - 6 minutes) which gives an overview and introduction to the page. It is great. Go for it:

Click here for the info