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The New Jezeus

By Tzvi Fishman
11/18/2010, 12:00 AM

A friend sent me an article written by Shmuley Boteach in the Jerusalem Post. Since one of the foundations of the new movement which he proposes is the erasure of distinctions between gentile and Jew, it seems very anti-Torah to me, and exceedingly dangerous. Rather than drawing Christians closer to Judaism, it will draw Jews closer to Christianity, G-d forbid.  Here are a few random excerpts:

“Let’s confront a painful truth. Judaism has failed.

“Judaism for Jews is too narrow, too particular to really inspire.

“There is, therefore, only one solution: Judaism for non-Jews. A global movement to disseminate Jewish values and spirituality to all Earth’s inhabitants, making no distinction between Jew and gentile.

“Two thousand years ago a still mysterious man named saw that the ideas and values behind Judaism were so breathtaking that they could change the world, if only they could be stripped of their ritual demands and be mixed with a human deity who was more accessible than Judaism’s invisible God. Thus, from the foundations of Jewish spirituality Christianity, and later Islam, was born. The time has come for the original progenitors of the ideas to offer the world the original source, not by converting non-Jews to Judaism but by reviving an ancient “associate” status that allows them to live lives deeply influenced by Jewish spiritually and values while retaining their own identity.

“For the past six years I have been working on a book, to be published shortly, on a new understanding of Jesus as prophet rather than deity, based exclusively on the New Testament. The real story of Jesus as teacher of traditional Jewish spirituality to his disciples lies explicitly in the text.

“But this campaign needs the investment of global organizations like the World Jewish Congress, the Jewish Agency and even Birthright Israel, which might create a program for non-Jewish youth to visit Israel.

“Having non-Jews become excited about Judaism is the most effective way to address assimilation, because Jews would now be blending into a culture that embraces and honors their tradition."

For some reason, I am reminded of an old Broadway musical, “Oklahoma,” in which a carnival conman travels around the country, sweet talking innocent yokels into give him their hard-earned money.

"For only 2 dollars, that's right, only $2 dollars, you too can be holy!!"


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