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If The U.S. Is "maintaining Israel's qualitative edge?"

By Batya Medad
11/16/2010, 12:00 AM

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If The U.S. Is "...maintaining Israel's qualitative edge" Are We Like A Kept Woman?

 I don't feel reassured by the statement:

P.J. Crowley says US is "committed to maintaining Israel's qualitative edge in region..."  (complete article) (emphasis mine)
I feel insulted.  What is the United States, some manipulating "sugar daddy?" And what is this "qualitative edge?"  Is it that some American Defense and State Department bureaucrats get the right to decide just how many weapons Israel and our Arab enemies get to have what  they consider a "fair" or "safe for whom" fight, which in the end will preserve what American politicians and civil servants consider the proper status quo? Again, I repeat:
I don't like this! I can't accept it!
It's dangerous for the continued security and existence for the State of Israel.  The entire idea that a foreign country can control our defense/military capabilities is outrageous!  I'd say it's immoral for the Israeli Government to accept such a thing.   And in all honesty, I'd say that this relinquishing of the foundation of independence is treasonous.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.