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Bibi Loves the Land of Israel

By Tzvi Fishman
11/16/2010, 12:00 AM

That’s what he claims. That’s what he shouts out whenever hecklers accuse him of chopping up the Land and handing it over to the enemy.

“Don’t lecture me about the love of this country,” he answers. “No one loves the Land of Israel more than me.”

That’s a little like a husband who claims that he loves his wife, yet allows her to shack up with other men. The husband, in his way of thinking, truly does love his wife. The fact that other men enjoy her as well doesn’t interfere with his love for her at all. He fancies himself “enlightened,” and imagines that his love far surpasses the ordinary run-of-the-mill love of other men, marked by jealously and the craving for possession.

We all remember the famous story about King Solomon who awarded the baby to the woman who wasn’t willing to see it cut in half. This is an example of true love.

Now, I am sure that Benjamin Netanyahu really does love the Land of Israel. In fact, I am sure he would sacrifice his life for the country if he had to put on his old uniform and return to his old army unit. His history in the army demonstrates this clearly.

What I don’t understand is how someone who loves the Land of Israel can be willing to give away its very center, biblical heartland, and strategic heights, to the enemy?

A friend of mine in the Likud said that Bibi loves the Land of Israel, but he lacks a fear of G-d. 

Ariel Sharon also certainly loved the Land of Israel, but look what happened to him.

Yitzhak Rabin certainly loved the Land of Israel, but looked what happened to him.

Menachem Begin certainly loved the Land of Israel, but looked what happened to him.

Without a fear of G-d and a true commitment to Torah, to the true Torah of Eretz Yisrael, it is simply impossible to stand up to the pressures of the world against us. To stand up firm and proud, and tell them all to go to hell. Which is precisely where all of the Jew-haters belong.  And where they are headed.

As we say in our Rosh Hashanah prayers, “May all the evil kingdoms be obliterated from the earth.”

But to Bibi’s credit, at least he lives in the Land of Israel. He might not want the entire baby, but he wants part of it at least. He’s even willing to fight for it. He’s willing to die for it as well. So are the Arabs. They are willing to fight, and even die, for what they believe is their share of the baby.

In contrast, Mike and his handful of admirers sit on their couches, in the comforts of their Vienna, Virginia hideouts, and watch the battle for Israel unfold on the screens of their living-room laptops and TV's, as if all the squabble is over someone else’s baby.

As least Bibi Netanyahu lives in Israel. That’s a lot more than one can say about them.

"If I was in Israel, I'd show them what has to be done!"