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The 2 Year Old Terror(ist)

By Tamar Yonah
11/3/2010, 12:00 AM
The Two Year Old Terror (ist)

Ha ha, sorry for my snicker, but watch this video.  It is fun to watch for a couple of different reasons...

1)  This 2 year old is pretty impressive that he can identify all the capitals of the middle east, and even some in Africa and in the West.
      (And it will be fun to test yourself at the same time and see if you can win the kid in naming capital cities.  I bet you never even heard of some of these Arabic/Muslim countries.)

2)  This Arab father tries to show off his kid's knowledge ...and his training for hating Israel (you will see this in the video where he says what the capital of Palestine is (at 2:40 in) and at the end where he says what the capital of Israel is - surprise!!!.  Yet, at the same time that he wants to erase Israel as a country for the Jews, he also shows the rediculousness of legitimizing the need for yet another Arab Muslim state.  This we can see as his father has him recite the captials of over 20 Arab/Muslim countries.  
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Mauritania (Islamic Republic of)
Palestine  (Jeurslaem in Arabic is 'Al Quds')
Saudi (Arabia)
...and Israel?
Do the Arabs, and the world, really need another terror state?

Bravo, Mr. Lebanese Jew-hating father... you have just proved that the Arabs who migrated to Israel [for jobs] have more than enough Arab & Muslim countries to return to.  
Israel is the home of the Jewish People.  Jerusalem is a Jewish city, where OUR kings ruled.  You have never had one 'Palestinian' ruler here, not one king, not one president, not one prime minister.  There is no Palestine.  Or maybe we should state that in Arabic so your two year old can understand:  "Ma fish Falastin"  (there is no Palestine). 

Surprisingly (or not) the Quran does not mention Jerusalem ONCE. Not even once!  
Add to that the fact that the Muslims on the Temple Mount turn their backs to, and stick their tushies towards, their so called 'holy mosque' and face Mecca instead. 

Even your own Quran states that the Holy Land belongs to the Jewish People: 
Quran 5:21  God Gives the Holy Land to Israel

"O my people, enter the holy land that GOD has decreed for you, and do not rebel, lest you become losers."

I think this video is something that even a 2 year old terror (ist)? that you are raising, could understand.  Israel belongs to the Jews.  The Arabs here are usurpers, and if they don't want to live here in peace - they can go to several capitals in the world where their brothers speak their language and worship their same god. 
'Ma fish Falastin' , There is no Palestine. 

 ... And by the way, southern Lebanon is Israel.  Lebanon only became an independent nation in 1943.  Lebanon's southern lands were given by the Creator to the tribes of Asher and Naftali.     ....We want them back.