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Poetry submission for Yom Kippur

By Ben Bresky
9/17/2010, 12:00 AM

Day of Atonement 
by Kathy Napper
Assembled here upon this day
Rank on rank, all dressed in white
Forgive us, Elokim, we pray
May we find merit in your sight
Absolve us of our many sins,
We have transgressed your laws, and hence
As this Atonement Day begins
We turn to you in penitence
Please pardon us the errant thought
The angry word, the thoughtless deed
Return us, as your Torah taught
Succor us in our time of need
On this, the greatest Day of Awe
G-d, cleanse my sins, redeem my soul
And sanctify me with your law
Forgive my sins and make me whole
Write us for Life, Oh King of Kings
We are Your People standing here
Grant us the grace your mercy brings
And Seal us for a Better Year

# # #
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