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Resumed Peace Talks: You Get What You Vote For

By Baruch Gordon
9/5/2010, 12:00 AM

The first round of renewed talks between Israel and local Arabs are over with a continuation set for September 14 and 15. On Thursday Sept 2, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hosted a press conference at which brief remarks were made by her, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas.

Who Does Clinton Favor?
US State Department

At all international press conferences, Israeli dignitaries never mention the rights of the Jewish People to their historic and biblical homeland. They speak of security needs. The Thursday press conference was no exception. Netanyahu said, "President Abbas, I am fully aware and I respect your people’s desire for sovereignty. I am convinced that it’s possible to reconcile that desire with Israel’s need for security." Netanyahu further said, "And so achieving security is a must. Security is the foundation of peace. Without it, peace will unravel. With it, peace can be stable and enduring."

I reviewed Netanyahu's entire speech. No mention of rights.

On the other hand, leaders of the Arabs of Judea and Samaria always speak of Arab rights to what they have been led to believe is their land. At the press conference, Abbas spoke of "peace that guarantees freedom and independence for the Palestinian people who is attached to his [sic] land and his rights."

Israel's own leaders broadcast to the world that the negotiations are about reconciling Arab "rights" with Israel's "security needs." With these parameters, we've lost from the outset.

Question: When will an Israeli leader proudly assert the inalienable, historic and legitimate rights of our people to our land?
Answer: When we vote for a leader that believes in those rights and is not ashamed to assert them.

To all the wonderful Jews who voted for the leftwing Likud party in the last elections, you perpetuate the self-castration of our national rights by electing such leaders, and frankly, you make me puke.

Father pumpkin upon hearing that his son voted Likud