Are We G-d's Servants?

Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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Some say he has the 'Moses' look.  But what Rabbi Moshe Parry and Moses (The 'real' Moshe) do have in common is their love for Israel and the Jewish People.  In Los Angeles Calif. when Pharaoh Obama traveled in his motorcade to collect money from the 'beautiful people' (mostly Jewish) in Hollywood, Rabbi Parry stood and waited, and blew his shofar in protest.  It was an attempt to wake Jews up to Obama's dastardly plans against Israel, and the Jewish apathy towards the seemingly Obama Administration's pro-Islamic/anti-Jewish stance.  Alas, it's not just apathy, but for some, it is the outright funding of  Pharaoh's 'Let them make bricks without straw' policies.  Obama is going to force hardships upon an already weakened Israel that will lead to her final demise. Rabbi Parry did not remain silent and sit on his couch and watch the news and cluck his tongue that the world isn't fair, that it stinks, or even hurl expletives at the TV news media.  Instead, he rose. 

He rose and went out. 

He rose and went out to tell the modern day pharaoh, "Let my People Alone". 

Moses, King David, etc... the greatest Jews that ever lived, -what were they?  All in all, we would describe them as 'G-d's servants'.  So, if these great people were all in all, G-d's servants, then wouldn't that mean that OUR greatest aspirations would also be to be a servant of G-d?  There is nothing higher in this world to be, but a servant of the Lord.

I believe that the question Rabbi Parry is essentially asking us is, -what are the other Jews and Israel supporters in the West doing with all the 'free speech' they enjoy as well as their money? (America is thankfully still one of the leading countries in the world for their standard of living.)

Why is Rabbi Moshe standing alone?  Where are all the Israel lovers? Hear what he has to say below in this video.

(This video is brought to you by Scott Jacobs from where it was originally posted.  Thanks also to Dr. D. Stern from 'Israel Truth Times'  where I this video came to my attention.)

As Rosh HaShana, the Jewish new year approaches, and where intense introspection must be done, Jews everywhere should be asking themselves this question regarding  G-d and Israel...  In the words of Janet Jackson, (~grin~ can't believe I am quoting her), that question would be, "What have you done for me (G-d and Israel) lately?" 


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