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The Only Word You Need to Know

By Rabbi Lazer Brody
8/16/2010, 12:00 AM

our future is where our past is...
The world around us is nothing other than one big allegory. Rebbe Nachman of Breslev says that the intrinsic wisdom within each creation teaches us something about Hashem and brings us closer to Hashem.

There's a lot to learn from every person and every thing. A thief has a master key (in Hebrew, mafteach ganavim) that opens up all doors.

We too have a master concept that opens up all the locked doors that incarcerate our souls (and bodies!); that's the only word we need to know to succeed in life.

We'll learn that word on our upcoming show (Tuesday, August 17th, 10 PM Israel) right here at Arutz 7 INR. For a smile on your face and an hour of vitamins for the soul, join us!

Meanwhile, let's never forget that our future is where our past is. Have a great week!

Lazer Brody in the fortress of ancient Ashdod. Our future is where our past is...