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I'm Not For Sale!

By Batya Medad
8/6/2010, 12:00 AM

If Jews can't live freely in Shiloh, what right do we have to live in Tel Aviv, Haifa or Beer Sheva?
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I'm Not For Sale!

Every time I read about "financial compensation for the building freeze" my blood boils.  It's not about money.  Why should the Left, the media and the government think they can buy people off?  Granted that the building freeze has had a financial cost to many people and businesses, but that isn't the main problem with it.

Just like money can't compensate someone for loss of life, home etc.  Money can't substitute for time lost nor delegitimization of sovereignty.

I live in Shiloh because it is a Jewish historical site in the Jewish Land.  Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's call for a Jewish only building freeze was not only immorally discriminatory against Jewish Israelis, it delegitimizes the entire State of Israel.  If Jews can't live freely in Shiloh, what right do we have to live in Tel Aviv, Haifa or Beer Sheva? And for the families who planned on building during the ten months, time was stolen from them.  How do you replace time even if the government completely lifts the siege against construction 100%?

Where is the logic behind the rabid destruction of Jewish buildings?  Does the state or innocent Israelis have no other enemies than the G-d fearing patriotic Jews who built the homes and synagogue Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered destroyed?

 We didn't move to Shiloh to take advantage of any financial advantages that were then offered, just like we didn't make aliyah to the Land of Israel for the inexpensive boat ride.

No money can compensate for discriminatory anti-Jewish policies.  I'm not for sale!