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By Tamar Yonah
8/2/2010, 12:00 AM

Let us focus for this blog, on the Sepharadi Jews.  Though I have some Sephardic blood from way back when, I have mostly identified with my Ashkenazi side, being that my father is from Poland and is a survivor of the Holocaust.  Most of my father's side was murdered in the Holocaust, including my grandfather.  However, at close to the same time, our brothers and sisters in the east were suffering as well under Muslim ruled countries. 

PLEASE watch this video first... (you can watch the other parts later, but this part is the one you must see.)


Many Jews had a history of 2600 years in Babylon/Iraq.  They had lived there since the first Temple times when Nebuchadnezzar exiled many of the Jews to Babylon.  Since then, you can imagine that after all these centuries, the Sephardic Jews were certainly more attached to their foreign nation cultures, than Western Jews are attached to America or Europe today.  And yet, they too were vomited out from their homes in the east -- if they were lucky.  Those who weren't lynched, raped, or hacked to death, escaped -some on foot, out of  'their' countries. -- However, in reality it wasn't really THEIR countries.  They are Jews.  They will always be Jews.  And the Jews belong in their homeland, the Land of Israel.  Let these words of our brothers and sisters from Babylonia/Iraq/Iran, Libya, Yemen, Morocco etc,,,  echo in our ears.  They said, "WE LEFT, AND WE LOST EVERYTHING."  

--You, don't have to.
Come home now with blessings.  Come home now WITH your belongings, WITH your wealth (whatever you have been blessed with) and WITH your loved ones!  2600 years in Babylonia or 200 years in America, it doesn't make a difference, as neither is our soil. It's time to come home. 

Make an appointment now, with Nefesh B'Nefesh and start the ball rolling.  The process takes time, you can always postpone your aliyah date, but get it started now before it may be too late, G-d forbid.

Go now. Don't miss the opportunity. Don't wait to be vomited out.  Don't wait until you lose everything.