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Poetry Submission: I am the creator - Isaac Rosenbaum

By Ben Bresky
7/22/2010, 12:00 AM

I am the creator
Isaac A. Rosenbaum


I create the golden string and I grow the wings to soar like an eagle
I spread the wisdom of being in joy and love in abundance
I pick up the spirits of the downtrodden and lift them so high
That their souls soar and they sing and dance with joy
This world I create of love of joy of utter bliss of wish fullness
I am the creator of all that I see and manifest into reality
I only need to think the thought of joy and love blessed blissfulness
And the world obliges it
The dream stuff of loveliness becomes reality
And then I know I am the master creator of all blissful achievement of success
And fulfilment and joy of financial freedom of luxury and security of love
And beauty and music and art of dance of song of joy
And creativity comes from my mouth and my mind

# # #
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