The Starving Gazan Jew Haters

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Humanitarians around the world who truly care about the horrible starvation of populations must be very relieved that yet another ship is heading for Israel to break the blockade, and deliver much needed food and medicine to the poor starving Gazans.  Aljazeera reports: "A Libya-sponsored ship carrying 2,000 tonnes of aid has set sail from Greece for the blockaded Gaza Strip".   

What wonderful and caring people to risk being turned back or arrested (for breaking a totally legal blockade) to help Hamas bus-bombing terrorists and the population there that democratically voted them in to represent them as their government leaders.   

And so, I thought I would post some photos of those poor starving Gazans.

Oops, no, those aren't the starving Arabs in Gaza, these are starving Jews in the Holocaust which no one sent flotillas to save.
Ok, here's another photo...

Oops again, no, these are not poor starving Arabs in Gaza, this is a photo of children starving today, right now, in the Sudan.  Where are the flotillas of food and medical aid to save these children's lives?
Ok, let's try again.  Here...

oopsy doopsy again. These are children starving and malnourished in North Korea. Drat, I have to find a photo of a starving Arab in Gaza somehwere...
when doing an internet search for 'starving Gazans', of the first top ten entries on the search page, none of them contain any photographic evidence of anyone starving in Gaza

And it is odd, because when doing an internet search for 'starving Gazans', of the first top ten entries on the search page, none of them contain any photographic evidence of anyone starving in Gaza.  Check the top ten entries yourself here.

All the news reports of starving Gazans are sans photos.  It's all text.  And if a report did contain any photos, they showed no one starving, to back up their claims.  Some items found on the search page purport stories of 4 children found by the ICRC starving, sitting next to their dead mother:  "ICRC finds starving children beside dead mother"  

"Relief workers found four starving children sitting next to their dead mothers and other corpses in a house in a part of Gaza City bombed by Israeli forces, the International Committee of the Red Cross said on Thursday."

What a dramatic story.  Why didn't they show a photo of the starving children near the corpses?

Again, no photographic evidence or proof accompanies the report. And we know that there are Red Cross staff workers and international reporters in Gaza who could take these photos.  Aljazeera would have the internet and TV plastered with them if they existed.  It is as if these international news agencies buy these starvation stories lock, stock and barrel, without checking any facts whatsoever to these claims.

The photo they used for one 'starving Gazans' news story was of a cute little BLOND boy ( hmmm, there's not many natural blond Arabs around in the world, -they might have just taken some diplomat's kid and stuck him in the photo) and a chubby faced child to the far back right of the photo, who is obviously not starving to death.  Just look at those cheeks!  They don't look like starving children from the Holocaust to me.
Here's more stories to check out, all either without photos or with photos that show no starvation whatsoever.
'Gaza is a jail. Nobody is allowed to leave. We are all starving now' 

Starving Gaza 

So what photo evidence do we have of the situation inside Gaza?  Please view this video below, of which some of these photos are easily dated from the last couple of years, as when Tony Blair's sister in law Lauren Booth visited Gaza in 2008 (above photo) after sailing in on another boat to break the military blockade.  

I don't know about you, but I so feel for those starving Gazans.  I just wish that the Jews in Europe had the same. 
And you've got to see this video below. It's a film made by the Arabs themselves.  Now here's where an Arab in Gaza can take his 'starving' wife (or mistress) for dinner. 

So, forget the Sudan, forget the starving children and babies in Africa, forget sending a flotilla of food aid to the poor politically imprisoned North Korean population.  These Gazan Arabs are the ones who don't have anything to eat.  I know.  I may not have seen photos of starving Gazans, but I read about it in the media, and if the international media reported on it (even without evidence), then it has to be true!  Chew on that you poor little kids in Africa. 

The Humanitarians couldn't care less about you, however, just to be sure, go to the sea and check the horizon.  Maybe you will be lucky and see a ship of these humanitarians headed for you.  But don't hold your breath.  You're not a poor starving Gazan Jew hater.