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Hunting for the Reason Behind the Shechita Ban

By Batya Medad
6/24/2010, 12:00 AM
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The Jewish World was recently thrown into a tizzy by the enactment of anti-shechita laws in New Zealand, which will severely restrict Jewish Life there.  The governmental rationale is that they're protecting animals.
New Zealand isn't the only country which forbids kosher slaughter of animals. Switzerland has forbidden it for decades.  I may be just a dumb granny, but if the Swiss really cared about animals, hunting would be forbidden.  It isn't.  Hunting is permitted in Switzerland
And yes, hunting is also permitted and a big business in New Zealand.  The same for Iceland, Norway and Sweden where shechita is also forbidden.It's considered a sport in those countries.

Yes, that means that if you want to terrorize animals by stalking, shooting  and wounding them with rifles, you may, even if you just want to stuff it and mount it on your wall.  But if you just want to carefully and quickly slaughter an animal according to Jewish Law for eating you could be jailed.Something stinks, like rotten meat...