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      Tamar Yonah is one of Israel's most popular English-speaking radio show hosts. She made Aliyah from Southern California and after serving in the Israeli army began a prolific career in radio, including production, news and program development. She was the original creator and producer of 'The Aliyah Show' and still works whenever she can in that field. Tamar is a political activist, wife and mother residing in Judea and Samaria and currently hosts the top-rated shows of The Weekend Edition & The Tamar Yonah Show. Her award winning blog covers current events, religion, politics and anything else that's on her mind.

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      Tammuz 9, 5770, 6/21/2010

      Firsthand Account From An Israeli Soldier

      by Tamar Yonah

      This email made the rounds on the internet and came my way. Though it has not been confirmed, the news reports and testimonies that we do know that took place on the Mavi Marmara do not seem to contradict what much of this email contains. It's about what the 'peaceful humanitarians' [sic] did on the Free Gaza Flotilla to our IDF soldiers.  
      I copied and pasted the entire email for you to read for yourselves.

      *Hello Uncle Erwin,***
      They cut his ab muscles horizontally and by hand spilled his guts out.

      This is Amir writing you after reading what you sent to my father, Eitan.  

      As you know, it was my unit and my friends who were on the ship. My commander was injured badly as a result of the "pacifists" violence. I want to tell you how he was injured so you could tell the story. It shows just how horrible and inhuman were the activists. My commander was the first soldier that rappelled down from the helicopter to the ship. 
      When he touched ground, he got hit in the head with a pole and stabbed in the stomach with a knife.

      When he drew out his secondary weapon-a handgun (his primary weapon was a regular paintball gun: "Tippman 98 custom") he was shot in the leg. He managed to fire a single shot before he was tossed from the balcony by 4 
      Arab activists, to the lower deck (a 12 feet fall). He was then dragged by other activists to a room in the lower deck were he was stripped down by 2 activists. They took off his vest, helmet and shirt, leaving him 
      with only his pants and shoes on. When they finished they took a knife and expanded the wound he already had in his stomach. They cut his ab muscles horizontally and by hand spilled his guts out. When they finished they raised him up and walked him on the deck outside. He was conscious the whole time.

      (Photo taken of a wounded and stabbed IDF soldier on the Mavi Marmara vessel.  Notice a knife in the left hand photo, in the bottom right corner.  Read more about the story of this photograph here.  )

      If you are asking yourself why they did all that, here comes the reason. 
      They wanted to show the soldiers their commander's body so they will be demoralized and scared. Luckily, when they walked him on the deck a soldier saw him and managed to shoot the activist that was walking him 
      down the outside corridor. He shot him with a special non-lethal bullet that didn't kill him. My commander managed to jump from the deck to the water and swim to an army rescue boat (his guts still out of his 
      body, and now in salty sea water). That was how he was saved. The activists that did this to him are alive, now in Turkey, and treated as heroes.

      I'm sorry if I described this with too many details, but I thought it was necessary for the credibility. Please tell this story to anyone who will listen. I think that these days you are one of Israel's best spokesman.

      *Thanks uncle Erwin, *

      * *

      *Shabbat Shalom!***

      * *


      ...And here is another 'peaceful-humanitarian' stabbing ANOTHER Israel soldier.... from behind and as he turns.