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The American Solution

By Tzvi Fishman
5/5/2010, 12:00 AM

Uncle George is back in Jerusalem trying to impose peace in the region by stripping the Jews of their land. In my opinion, as a former American, I think Israel should take a chapter from American history and adopt the American Solution to the conflict.

When the Americans were fighting the Indians to take over the American continent, the Americans simply slaughtered them all. Not even women or children were spared in the wholesale massacre.

Of course, the equation is not exactly the same as the situation in Israel. Back in the early days of the USA, the Indians were the rightful settlers of the land, and the Americans were the invaders. In Israel, the situation is reversed. Israel is the rightful homeland of the Jews, and the Arabs are the foreign invaders. Thus adopting the American Solution to the Indian problem would be perfectly just in its application here.

Isn’t it strange that even though the Americans wiped out and effectively exterminated an indigenous people, you don’t hear any bleeding-heart leftist or liberal group complaining about it. The United Nations have never charged the Americans with war crimes or demanded judicial investigations. And the Europeans never even mention the matter. That’s because of the old saying, “Might is right.”

In my opinion, Israel should have adopted the American Solution from the very beginning, right after declaring statehood. That would have finished the conflict once and for all. The problem with Israel is that it is still frightened by all of its might and Divine assistance, and acts as if it were still a persecuted minority in a foreign land. After 2000 years in exile, it takes a while to give up the galut mentality and to stop being afraid of what the goyim will say.   

We should agree to a two-state solution just like the Americans agreed to a two-state solution with the Indians. America took control of the entire country and gave the Indians a couple small reservations. After the American Solution has been imposed in Israel, we could give the remaining handful of Arabs a reservation or two in the Negev.

Palestinian Reservation

For a country that tries so hard to copy America, that would be best way of all to follow in the noble American tradition of fairness and freedom for both Israelis and for Arabs, if any are left after the war.