Friends, Murderers, & How You Look At It

Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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Uncle Sam.  He loves me? He loves me not?
Is America a friend or foe?  ...Or both?
It's a subject few like to mention or talk about.  But today, people can't ignore the cold shoulder the White House has given Israel. And that's good, because sweeping the issue under the rug won't improve things.  The sooner Israel understands that nations don't have friends, they only have 'interests', the better off we will be, especially when the madman in Iran is rubbing his sticks together to become a nuclear power and bring on WWIII. 

I know the USA has many good and moral people who support Israel, and G-d bless them.  But looking at the American - Israel relationship today, and how the past 2 administrations have acted (I won't go further back in history here -not enough blog space) , I think we can say we have been 'dumped' for a modern day Nazi regime. These radical Islamic Jihadist regimes like Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc... act akin to the Nazis.  How can I make such a comparison?

1) Both the Nazis and the Islamic regimes hate the Jews and want them dead.
2) Both regimes are elitists, thinking they are the master race/religion and want to conquer the world.
3)  Both regimes treat whom they feel is inferior, as slaves and kill them at will.  For the Nazis, it was Jews, gypsies, etc...  For the Islamic Jihadist fanatics, it is the Jews, Christians, and even their own women.  These Radical Islamics subjugate all females.  In fact, one of the first things that a radical Islamic regime does when it takes power, is force its women to retreat under sheets and veils, and keeps them in social chains with their Islamic gestapo roaming the streets, checking that no woman is deemed immodest according to their radical standards.  

By the way, ever notice how many of these Islamic regime's armies walk the goose-step?
(Above photo: Iranian Troops on Army Day in White)
(Below photo:  Flag with the Nazi emblem and Palestina embeded in it.)

So then why have the last two U.S. presidents, Obama and Bush, romanced these Nazis?  Bush kisses and walks hand in hand with Nazi Saudi princes, and Obama bows to them.

Funny, I don't ever remember any president holding hands or bowing to any of Israel's prime ministers out of deep friendship or respect. 
So how can Israel continue to believe that the White House is a friend, when they openly court and fawn over Nazis, the very enemies who want to destroy us?

And now, news stories are being reported, that Obama may force a peace on Israel.  However, the only thing he is enforcing is (not peace) but 'a-peace-ment' (appeasement). Trying to make Israel kneel to the will of the International community and it's Islamic-Nazi lovers. 

This video below, is disturbing to watch.  It's disturbing, not only because of its content, but because of the conflicting feelings many of us have regarding America, in that it IS a good country in so many ways, and so many Americans are good, good, people, yet the foreign policy of the U.S. Government is and has been, anti-Israel in so many circumstances.  And it is difficult for many to face up to the reality of this relationship.  

This video below is not made professionally, but the testimonies shown here are powerful and hard to listen to.  Did they do good ...or bad?  Are they good ...or bad?  Are they BOTH good AND bad?   Whatever your conclusions, Israel would be wise to review the Torah portion of Balak, in Bamidbar (Numbers) 23:9 "it (Israel) is a nation (people) that dwells alone". 
And to our true American friends who cringe at what Obama is doing in bowing to these modern day Nazis, these barbaric enemies of Israel (and the West), they would be wise to review Genesis 12:3  "And I will bless them that bless thee, and him that curseth thee will I curse".