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Top 3 Reasons Not To Make Aliyah in the 1930's

By Tamar Yonah
4/12/2010, 12:00 AM

"The Top 3 Reasons Not To Make Aliyah in the 1930's" urged and egged on by the aliyah nay-sayers....

1)  "You lemmings!  The British are ruling there, and until there's an authentic Torah Jewish government, you would be committing suicide to go."

2)  "The country is full of secular Israelis who hate the religious and don't want to be real Jews. They're G-dless communists. Unless you are going to go there to start a civil war and kill off those Tel Avivians, you are an idiot to leave Europe where we are emancipated!"

3)  "The British government clearly takes the side of the Arabs over the Jews.  The real Jews are beaten and their daughters are raped.  The G-dless ones will try to draft your children into their Hagana and they will all then be commanded to throw Jews out of their homes in 'Jerusalem'.  Unless they establish a Medinat Yehuda, it's suicide to go there.

And so, those who may have been foolish enough to listen to those ridiculous reasons didn't come. 

And our brothers and sisters in Europe were eventually forced to leave their homes.  And they had to wear yellow star badges.  And their children were thrown out of school.  And they lost their jobs.  And they were starved, and abused and enslaved and finally murdered.  And their great synagogues and great yeshivas were no more. And all was lost.  All was lost.  All was lost.  And 6 million, SIX MILLION went to their deaths.