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Poetry Submission: For Holocaust Memorial Day

By Ben Bresky
4/11/2010, 12:00 AM

The problem with you Jews…
by Kathy Napper, Israel
“The problem with you Jews”, they say
“Is that you can’t forgive!
Learn to forgive and to forget
Then you’ll begin to live”
“Our kin would never forget us 
If we’d died in their stead
Then how can we forgive their deaths
Because we lived instead?”
“Why can’t you just forget”, they say
“Forgive and just move on”?
“How can we simply just forget
Those that are dead and gone?”
“Our kin were slaughtered, old and young,
Gassed, burned, starved, beaten, shot!
How can the living then forgive
That which the dead would not?”
“Why must you keep reminding us?”
They say, “Just let it be!”
“For us, our future is our past
What was is yet to be!”
“Our kin cannot forgive, forget
The murder of our brothers,
Because we lived while others died -
Our children, fathers, mothers!”
 “The problem with you Jews”, they say
“Is that you won’t forget!”
“The problem is with you”, we say
“In that you don’t regret!”
“You say we should forgive, forget?
We can’t believe it’s true
That after all you’ve done to us
You still expect us to!” 

# # #

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