So What CAN We Do?

Tamar Yonah ,

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לבן ריק
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Tamar Yonah
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Let's face it, things are getting worse in the news, and it sure looks like the stage is being set for the war of Gog and Magog.

Obama wants to split Jerusalem, divide the Holy Land of Israel and give it to the Arabs for a new terror state called Palestine.

U.N. head Bank Ki-Moon wants to split Jerusalem and give it to the Arabs for a new terror state called Palestine and he says Jews can't build in liberated Jerusalem.  This 'Two State Solution' they are pushing for, is really the Final Solution, as the state of Israel cannot exist with a terror state embedded in it's belly.  It means the end of Israel.
Iran is more truthful, and its leader Ahamdinejad doesn't want to wait for a PA terror state to eat Israel for breakfast or eat it away like a cancer.  He wants to see the end of Israel in one fell swoop.  He will try to use his proxies like the Hamas and the Hezbollah to directly wipe us off the map with missile and other direct attacks, and when he can, he will try to attack us with nuclear weapons/bombs to finish the job.
Our own Prime Minister is weak (or worse) and though he says no to some of the demands by the International community, he may very well keep appeasing them and the Arabs until it is too late.  He has done this thus far already with his support of ceding Hebron when he was first Prime Minister back in the 90's, voting as a minister under Sharon's government for the expulsion of Jews from Gush katif, implementing a building freeze in Judea & Samaria (and now Jerusalem) and being the first Prime Minister to proclaim his support for a Palestinian State (though demilitarized).  Any Palestinian state that is set up with the help of the International community would be, in the words of  U.S. Vice-President Biden (on his visit to Israel several days ago) an independent state that is "viable and contiguous".   'Contiguous' means that Israel is split into two.  And 'independent' means that this 'Palestinian' state can choose not to be de-militarized.
So, what can we do?  Or on a more specific, individual note so we can focus...
What can YOU do? 

You will argue that you cannot do much, because you are not the Prime Minister of Israel.
You will argue that you cannot do much, because the IDF does not take its command from you and you cannot send them out to the defense of Israel.
You will argue that you cannot do much, because you are not rich or wealthy.
You will argue that you cannot do much, because maybe you don't live here.
You will argue that you cannot do much, because even though you live here, you are just a pawn, a little person.
So again, what CAN you do?
G-d gives us all a certain potential, and we need to use that potential and strengths and learning to better ourselves and fix the world.  You are correct, you are NOT the Prime Minister of Israel, You may NOT be wealthy, but you CAN do certain things, no matter how small.  Because sometimes it only takes a small deed to tip the scales.
There is the famous story that I personally love and connect to, about the Torah Sage, Reb Zusha of Anipoli. Before his death, his students came to him and were surprised to find him trembling with fear. They said to him, "Why are you afraid of death? You have lived a good, righteous life. To which Reb Zusha replied, "In the coming world, if G‑d asks me why I was not like Moses, I can say, because you did not give me the leadership capabilities of Moses."  And if G-d asks me why I was not like Abraham, I can say because you did not give me the same charachter traits of Abraham, but if he asks me, "Zusha, why were you not like Zusha?'" Then what will I say?
We all have a certain amount of potential and certain character traits that G-d has given us.  Some of us were blessed with a little more of this, a little less of that, and these talents we were given in the measurement given, make us special individuals.  Are we being the 'BEST (fill in your name)' we can be?
All God asks of us is that we do our best according to our own potential.
When we are called to the next world and are put on trial for how we lived our life, you will not be asked why you didn't send the army to release kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, or why you did not send the air force to bomb the Iranian nuclear reactor.  Because you could reply. "But G-d, you did not make me the Prime Minister of Israel with the power to give these commands."  But if you are asked why you didn't do more of whatever you COULD do, what will you say?
What will you say if you are asked, "Your brother Gilad Shalit has been held captive by terrorists for 4 years, FOUR YEARS, and you went about your day as usual, without even a daily remembrance of him and a short morning or evening prayer that he be released.  What will you say?
What will you say when you are asked why you didn't pray for the release of Jonathan Pollard, held in an American prison?  What will you say when you made sure to grab a coffee and go to work and maybe see a movie, or take your kids to the park, or watch your favorite Dextor episode, but you didn't take the time to remember your brothers still being held captive?    There are other IDF soldiers still missing in Arab countries; Ron Arad, Zecharya Baumel, Zvi Feldman, Yehuda Katz, Guy Hever, and Majdy Halabi all who fought to keep us safe here in israel.  We can at least take a moment each day to pray for them and their loved ones who suffer pain everyday at their loss.  If we don't, what will we say? 
All of us CAN say a daily prayer, "Please, G-d, have our boys released immediately to their homes, their families, safe and sound."  That is something we all CAN do.  Otherwise, what will you say 'up there' when asked why you could not even do that small effort?
What will you say when you are asked if you gave 10% of your income to charity?  We know that all the money we make in this world is not through our doing, but by HaShem's will.  The money He gives us is HIS, not ours, and we are commanded to give 10% to charity.  It is not a choice, it is a commandment.  What will you say if asked why you kept it for yourself when it was G-d's money He gave you?  Money is something to help us live, to live good lives, and improve the world, not to (all) be hoarded away for a rainy day or to make our accounts bigger, or feed our insecurities.  The money G-d blesses us with should be used wisely, and not selfishly.  THIS we CAN do, and make sure we fulfill the commandment of giving our ten per cent due. 
Did we study Torah everyday?  When we learned, did we dedicate our learning to those less fortunate than us, those who may be sick, or again, dedicate it for the release of our captured brothers being held?  Did we support other places of learning, or arrange an evening (maybe in our home) where other people could learn Torah?  This we CAN do.
And what will we say when we are asked why we didn't make a serious, SERIOUS effort to keep one more mitzvah, or work on improving one more mitzvah, or try to be kinder or more loving even though we didn't feel like it, or give the benefit of the doubt or not accuse another person of things we imagined they did or jumped to conclusions to?
We are not perfect, but we have to strive to be the best individual we can be.  We can lie in this world, put on a facade, make excuses that sound believable, but in the world of TRUTH, all of our actions will be plain to see.  G-d tells us what we need to do.
When we repent, we read in the High Holiday machzor (prayer book) that repentance comes through Teshuvah (returning to G-d), tefillah (actual prayer and mediation) and tzedakah (giving charity, or helping the poor).  The Jewish people, and the world for that matter, are entering a very dangerous period in history, a possible WWIII, and it is very likely that nuclear weapons will be employed.  We all need to humble ourselves (in a good, positive way) and recognize our Creator, let go of our egos, and do His will, as written to us in the divine book that He gave us, the Torah.  We all need to better ourselves, even just a little. Picking something specific to improve ourselves on is usually more effective then biting off a too-big piece to chew and sawy "This year I will be better".  Because, what does THAT mean?  This is why specific targets or baby steps are usually more effecitive in improving our character traits and mitzvoth that we do.  
If we make the effort, we are taught that G-d will then bring us results.  The results are up to G-d, the efforts are up to us.  This is what we CAN do, and we don't need to be wealthy, or the head of a country to do so.

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