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Money-Back Bomb Shelter

By Tzvi Fishman
3/11/2010, 12:00 AM

At the time of the Exodus, Egypt was the cesspool of world evil, and it still is today, declared the elder Kabbalist, Rabbi Leon Levi, during a prayer gathering in Meron at the tomb of the sainted Talmudic Sage, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

Rabbi Leon Levi


Accompanied by a busload of students, Rabbi Leon led thanksgiving prayers over the recent rains also at the gravesite of the holy Arizal in Safed, and the tomb of Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess in Tiberias.


Ancient cemetary of Safed


Thanksgiving over rain.



Rabbi Leon stated that in the approaching war, Egypt will be dealt a devastating blow for its role in instigating the Arab world against Israel, while putting on the false mask of a peacemaker. Egypt is responsible for the massive rearming of the Hamas in Aza, he said, and that the only way to destroy a many-headed monster was to strike at its source. The Rabbi didn’t specify whether the up-and- coming knockout of Cairo would be through an earthquake, a flood at the Aswan Dam, or via the long arm of the IDF.


Regarding the arsenal of enemy missiles surrounding Israel, Rabbi Leon said that the coming war would not be easy, but that Hashem would stand by Israel and lead the Israeli army to deliver crushing blows to all the evil regimes who dare to wage war with G-d’s chosen Nation. While in the past, the merit of our holy Forefathers was like a shield protecting our soldiers, this time Avraham, Yitzhak, and Yaacov will lead the battle themselves.


The Rabbi called the people of Israel to flock to the Kotel every Motzei Shabbat to say Tehillim, in order to construct an impenetrable air defense system, now, before enemy rockets are launched.   


He also called on each and every Jew to conduct his sexual life in a holy fashion, and thereby strengthen the Covenant (Brit) between G-d and the Jewish People.


“Sexual holiness is the key to our victory in battle. When the Jewish People conduct their lives in holiness, the Shechinah guards over us, like the Clouds of Glory in the wilderness, not letting enemy arrows and missiles land in our midst. When a person guards the Brit, conducts marital relations in modesty, avoids spilling semen in vain, and guards his eyes from seeing forbidding matters, he surrounds his house with an invincible bomb shelter. A missile could land on his doorstep and he and his family will not be harmed,” he promised.


Readers interested in installing such a spiritual bomb shelter are encouraged to read Rabbi Leon’s guidelines to holy marital relations, posted on our site.


See you at the Kotel!