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Unity of the Bands Concert - This Thursday

By Ben Bresky
2/23/2010, 12:00 AM

The yeshiva rock competition is back. Unity of the Bands is this Thursday Feb 25th.

* Nechemia and Az Yashir (last year's winners)
* Avi Ganz - Gushe's "Jerusalem Sound Factory"
* Yaniv Hoffman - "Shirah Atikah"
* Sruli Portnoy and The Steeze
* Psalms - yojo140
* DJ Ezra Leyton
* Yehuda David of Rockiah
* Shtar - acoustic hip-hop set and preview of new album

Location: Shorashim in downtown Jerusalem, 13 Shamai Street, 8pm.

For more info visit or call 057--317-5856.