Of Enemies and Imbeciles

Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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Islamic Jihadists are eating away America.  They are chewing up her freedoms and spitting them out with contempt.  And the USA sits and takes it.  Several days ago,  Israel's Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, was mercilessly heckled and interrupted by shouts at UC Irvine by anti-Semitic/Anti-Israel students. Oren, himself, is a graduate of both Princeton and Columbia Universities and has published two New York Times Best Seller books; Six Days of War: June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East, as well as Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present. He is certainly not a dangerous person or some ruthless world renown genocidal dictator, yet there are those who cannot tolerate to let him speak.  The topic he was to engage the university students on was, “U.S. Israel Relations from a Political and Personal Perspective”.   Please view this shortened video clip of what happened on February 8th, 2010 on the U.C. Irvine campus.
It's kind of funny, but when one goes to check out the link to the U.C. Irvine School of Social Sciences, the people portrayed there all seem to look Middle Eastern/Arab/Muslim with a token 'White guy' thrown in to the right of the picture.  I have not been to the U.C. Irvine Campus for over 30 years, but looking at what is emanating from it and other university campuses today, it looks like the goals of 'free thinking' and the 'pursuit of higher education' are terminally ill.

It behooves the logical thinker to examine why the righteous today are silent in the face of evil.  Perhaps righteous is not the right word to describe the average American, and perhaps the reasons they do not act against evil is their  fear of  perceiving  themselves just as ugly as their enemy.  Perhaps Westerners want to distance themselves so much from resembling their enemy, that they choose to take on a role of being their exact opposite. So if their enemies are intolerant, they will be tolerant.  If their enemies shout and become emotionally enraged, then they will remain silent and stoic.  If their enemies use violence, they will demand from themselves 'restraint'. 

They may think they are acting enlightened and more refined than their enemies, but in this real 'physical' world, they are just acting like imbeciles.  Weak and wimpy imbeciles.
The Jihadists are well organized, well focused ...and FEARLESS

Lovers of freedom and people who value respect for Mankind are losing the battle in America.  Who will rule, in this case, is the old adage of 'might makes right'.  If Americans think that they will be able to continue living in a world where their rights are guaranteed by their constitution, without taking a stand and enforcing their constitution, sticking their necks out and sacrificing for their values, then they are going to be very surprised when they wake up one day and find out that their country has not been hijacked, but willfully given away by their lack of fighting for it.  Let's face it, hate seems to be in style, and hate groups are getting better at intimidating the average American Joe.  

The ugly scene that went on at U.C. Irvine several days ago will happen again and again, until freedom of speech is dead, buried and just a memory of days gone by.  
The American People better find their 'common sense' and 'bravery' chromosomes fast, because if the university staff can't or won't take HEAVY legal action against these foreign students and/or American Muslims who hate America and it's values, ...then who will?  The Obama administration sure won't.  Why do they even let these students into America, when they are at war against everything Americans hold dear? If any of these hateful hecklers were guest-students at the university, they should immediately have their visas revoked and be escorted to a plane taking them back to their home country.  If they can't abide by American laws and values, they do not deserve to get an American education and be guests of the American People.

Watching this video, one comes away with the feeling that these hate groups of anti-American and Jihad-minded Muslims are growing.  They are more and more well organized, well focused  ...and FEARLESS.  Lovers of the U.S. Constitution, American values and freedom, better start organizing themselves better as well, to get their university leaders and government to root out these jihadists from their schools and borders, lest they become themselves, with their nice-guy attitudes, imbeciles and their own worst enemy.