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All-Stars of Galut

By Tzvi Fishman
2/16/2010, 12:00 AM

There is no question that the next best thing to living in the Land of Israel is to be a devoted daily reader of INN, Israel National News.  In its love for the Torah, Eretz Yisrael, and the entire Jewish Nation, no other website can compare to INN. Therefore, by attaching themselves to INN by reading it every day, readers are attaching themselves to the things it stands for – to the Torah, to the settlement of the Land of Israel, and to the Jewish Nation as a whole. For Jews living in the Diaspora who would love to come on aliyah, but who are tragically unable to, for whatever real reasons they have, a lifeline dose of INN a few times a day is the next best thing.


Even for the likes of Vienna Mike, Roger from Manchester, and Shmuelik from Monsey, their devoted reading of INN demonstrates that their souls are connected to the Land of Israel, even though their heads and their bodies may be embedded in the quicksand of galut. Their criticisms and tirades are merely the warped ranting of brains poisoned by a long and bitter exile. Nevertheless, their faithful reading of INN shows that their souls are pure. We know that it is merely their fears and sins which prevent them from coming to Israel, even though they themselves secretly crave to be here. And on a deeper level, we know that it is the Land of Israel that is rejecting them, and not really they who are rejecting the Land, for this is a jealous Land, rejecting those who don’t set Jerusalem above their chiefest joy. Their incessant talkbacks, no matter how boring they may be, along with Paul from Toronto and Joey from Australia, and too many others to mention, show that they truly want to be here, living a true Jewish life. And for that, they are deserving of accolades and praise. They are our brothers, here in spirit, if not in the flesh. Their longing to be in Israel earns them a portion in the Land. Whether their reasons for not coming be justified or lame, their constant preoccupation with Israel via their love/hate relationship with INN proves their identification with the Land and the Jewish Nation.

Remember, he's still your brother!


All of them are our brothers, the healthy ones who truly want to come, as well as the screwed up ones who protest at the top of their lungs. For just as a love for a brother continues even if he be locked up in a mental institution, G-d forbid, so our love for our INN brothers and sisters must be unflinching even though he or she clings to the familiar darkness of galut, fearing (with secret attraction) the great and growing light in Israel that radiates from the screen of his and her computer.

Diaspora All-Stars


So my fellow Aliyah Bullies beware! No matter how confused and uptight INN readers may be – they are the cream of the crop, the all-stars of galut. Their fervent addiction to INN and their inner yearning for Israel puts them here amongst us in spirit. Let all of us fortunate ones in Israel pray that their heads and living bodies will follow speedily soon!