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Invisible, But Not Untouchable

By Tamar Yonah
2/2/2010, 12:00 AM

Mysteries, auras, the after-life and Jewish Mysticism.  I want to present to you a wonderful video that I received a link to on my email today.  It talks about the things we can't see in life, but none the less they exist and are only there for us to use our other senses to discover.  Our eyes are two tiny organs in our body, and to trust only them to tell us what is the truth is a real pity.  There is so much beauty and magnificence 'out there' in the universe and in our own world.  If we only remembered to trust in the wisdom of our great sages, geniuses who lived before us, as well as our great ancestry, we too will discover the importance of our lives and how act we do, makes a dent in the universe.  Our actions, result in consequences - good and bad in how we live our lives.  Please watch this video. It's in Hebrew, but has English translation.  It starts off a bit slow, but stick with it, it really starts to get fascinating. Stay with the video till the very end, as it may look like the video is over, but there are more beautiful stories of secular Jews, even top male models, making 'tshuvah', returning to Judaism, and the before and after pictures are amazing.  Enjoy!