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For Jews Only!

By Tzvi Fishman
1/3/2010, 12:00 AM

This blog is for Jews. It’s a Jewish blog. There’s no reason for non-Jews to read it. I write about the importance of Jews living in Israel and matters concerning the Brit between Hashem and the Jewish People. It’s a Jewish blog on a Jewish website. My purpose is to share Torah insights with Jews, not with our good gentile friends. Some non-Jews complain that my blog is offensive, but the simple truth of the matter is that the blog is not for them.  I am sure there are plenty of gentile blogs in cyberspace. Our non-Jewish friends should read them instead.

While there is definite value in teaching non-Jews, the seven commandments of the children of Noah, which G-d expects them to perform, this is not the goal of this blog. For those of you who may not be familiar with these seven commandments beholden on the gentiles, they are: not to engage in idolatry, not to murder, not to steal, not to engage in sexual immorality, not to blasphemy the Name of G-d, not to eat the flesh of a living animal, and to set up a court system to enforce these very basic laws.

Thou shall not worship idols!

Most non-Jews these days don’t murder, steal, or eat the flesh of living animals, so they are doing all right on those counts. They pretty much have court systems, though not necessarily concerning all of these issues. Of course, there is still a lot of murder and theft, both individually and among nations, but the majority of gentiles are not guilty of these transgressions on a regular basis. The commandment not to blasphemy the Name of G-d is more problematic, given all the false forms of worship that they practice, and the general hatred of Israel among the nations, for, as Rashi teaches, anyone who hates Israel, hates G-d. As far as idol worship, that’s another stickler with all of the river gods, monkey gods, voodoo gods, fertility gods, Buddhas, holy ghosts, and plastic statues standing on the dashboards of cars. Immorality is another big problem too with all of their pre-marital activity, adultery, homosexuality, pornography, and the like, but all of these things, for non-Jews who are interested in learning more, can be found elsewhere on the net, not on this blog.

No Jews Allowed!

I realize the difficulty in selective screening on the Internet, but just as Jews were barred for thousands of years from gentile country clubs, businesses, organizations, and restaurants, and from traveling to places in Israel controlled by the Arabs today, this blog is persona non-grata regarding our good friends, the children of Noah.

No Jews in the West Bank!

This week, the beginning of “Shovavim,” we will be dealing with some deep family issues concerning the Jewish People, and therefore, it is important that our non-Jewish friends respect their borders and not intrude.

Shavuah tov!