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Merry Xmas!

By Tzvi Fishman
12/23/2009, 12:00 AM

There is no question that we have a lot of problems and challenges facing us in Israel, but at this time of the year, I have to take a time-out from the headlines to thank Hashem for granting me the incomparable blessing of living in His Holy Land, and not in the spiritually polluted dungeons of the Diaspora, where Xmas is being celebrated in all of its insidious force and fake holiness amongst the idol worshippers of Toronto, Monsey, Melbourne, Paris, London, Los Angeles, and wherever else golus Jews are hiding.

Love Affair with Santa

Thank G-d that my children have never heard the seductive carols of Xmas, the Silent Nights and Joy to the Worlds, whose poisonous melodies are so powerful that I still remember their verses until this day.

Thank G-d that my children aren’t surrounded my Xmas trees and mangers and Santa Clauses wherever they go. Thank G-d that they don’t confuse the Jewish holidays with all the commercial pre-Xmas hype and sales extravaganzas that mark the birth of the false messiah.

In Israel, if you didn’t get on the bus to Bethlehem, you’d never know it was Xmas. It doesn’t exist. Who needs it? Who Cares? Because, even with all of our problems and challenges, this is the only Jewish country in the world. This is the Holy Land. Mamash! In Monsey, or Borough Park, walk fifty yards in any direction, and you’ll discover a manger. Turn on the TV and Xmas is all you hear. In schools all over America and England and France, Jewish boys are kissing gentile girls under mistletoes and exchanging stockings filled with prophylactics and cocaine.

Thank G-d I’m in Israel. Thank G-d that my children are growing up amongst Jews. Thank G-d I don’t have to get my kids an Xmas tree so they don’t feel left out and different from everyone else. Thank G-d my sons serve in the Israeli army, with all of its failings, rather than growing up to be clean-shaven, steppinfetchits to the goyim.

If you think that’s a small thing, it’s because your brain has been so Xmastized that you think like a goy in your goyisha land with all of those Xmas jingles and church bells in your head.

May Santa’s reindeer take a flying crap on everyone’s Xmas. Peace on earth and goodwill to men.