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War Against the Jews

By Tzvi Fishman
12/20/2009, 12:00 AM

Who can keep silent at a time like this? Now the Hellenists want to surround settlements with soldiers and tanks, cut off telephones, bar entrance to reporters, send pilotless surveillance craft on spy missions around the yishuvim to see if any new building is taking place, and who knows what else? What we have here is a war against the Jews.

Except for his mantra of opening fire against anything that moves, Vienna Mike is appearing less of a basket case than we thought. Too bad he is still hiding behind Betsy Ross’s full-blown skirt in Virginia. If he wasn’t such a scaredy cat at heart, we might be able to learn a few things from him.

While we are mentioning false prophets, don’t forget Mr. Fleiglin who has been telling us for years to vote for the Likud. As bad as Barak is for the country, it’s the Likud who is letting Barak go ahead with his persecution of the Jews of Yesha.

As far as Barak’s battle to destroy the Hesder yeshivot and bring religious Zionists to their knees, it seems that some of the rabbis are standing behind Rav Melamed, while others are running to shine Barak’s shoes. Hopefully, the pebble that started the fuss will cascade into a great avalanche of protest and mass refusal to betray the commandments of the Torah and the Zionist ideal of rebuilding the Nation of Israel in the Biblical borders of Eretz Yisrael.

Of course, behind all of the petty politicians, it’s Hashem who is pulling the strings, turning on the heat, wanting us to do tshuva. Not just the Jews of Yesha, who would do themselves a big favor by throwing away their televisions and stop trying so hard to get the Hellenists to love them. Everyone has to do tshuva, including the etza-giver Jews of the Diaspora, who write know-it-all talkbacks, without even knowing how to assemble an M-16 in the daytime, let alone in the dark.